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05-12-2013, 15:32
Hi guys,

I see you are really good on solving issues on this board. Iím hoping that someone could help me out on my too. Between, I searched through the old threads but didnít find the exact problem but lots of similar, but they are just not helping.

So, here it is my problem. My original DM800HD one day after rebooting just couldnít get past boot. Itís just stuck in a loop of booting. As I found similar problem already solved, I tried as suggested to upload an image with a serial cable in repair bad sector mode.

It finishes the process successfully and alerts me of some bad sectors. After booting Iím again stuck at boot. I thought that the process is somehow marking bad sectors as unreadable, but as I upload a second image the box again finds this bad sector, alerts me of them and says that the process finishes successfully.

So any help really appreciated
Kind regards

master G
05-12-2013, 15:48
Have you tried recovering bad sectors with Dreambox Optiflasher (You can see links before reply) ?

You can see links before reply

05-12-2013, 16:00
Thanks for responding so fast. Can you be more specific, never used this tool.
Can I connect with lan or I must use serial? Can you check the link you provide it seems broken?


master G
05-12-2013, 16:22
Use this tool over your network LAN, the link is working properly..

06-12-2013, 16:05
Ok guys, I spent a good amount of time yesterday night solving the issue but without success.

I downloaded the suggested program, made a lan connection to my box, enabled sectors recovery and uploaded the latest DE light image. The program finishes the process successfully but after reboot I’m again stuck in a booting loop.
Since I never used this program I noticed that the program never alerts me of flash bad sectors, is it normal?

Can I do something else to solve the bad sector issue?

Thanks in advance!

master G
06-12-2013, 17:21
Try enabling Flash Sector Recovery in the bios..

1) Power off the DM800.
2) Press and hold the power button on the front panel, power on the DM800, you should now be in flash mode.
3) If you are using windows O/S click Start > Run > telnet ip.address.of.dm800 > Press Enter, you are now in the bios..
4) Enable Flash Sector Recovery > Exit & Save settings..

You can see links before reply

##Training to enter the BIOS Receivers Dreambox via Hyper Terminal program## (You can see links before reply)

If this doesn`t work it`s likely the image you have tried that is at fault.. Try loading an image you had working before..

06-12-2013, 18:08
hi , i have the similar prob i solted in 2 step, i pur by rs 232 the original image

the by tenet the image open pli ssl84

then in telnet not rebooting back and downloal

the sim ssl84

alls ok

i dont no realy if is the same prob with you.

if you not have the rs232 you can try by telnet original image

good loock

06-12-2013, 18:42
Thanks @rami but I don't understand clearly what you have sugested.

I try to repeat again:
- I have to upload the original image with serial cable ( what original image, where can I find it? )
- then by telnet the open pli ssl84 image ( what do you mean "by telnet" and can you specify exactly what image and where can I find it? )
Here I'm lost!

@master G
I tried your advice but I have a problem that the box can't keep the new settings. After rebooting the settings is disabled. It's really strange?
I tried to revert the settings as "fabric standard" (can't remember the exact word ), but didn't help.


06-12-2013, 18:48
by telnet i mine put the ip the box in internet th ip you get it by pressing the boton on

and wait until hi give you the ip the image you find it in the forum in dm800hd

06-12-2013, 19:18

Lets try again!
First I have to upload by serial cable an riginal image. Would the DM800 RELEASE 3.2.4 be fine or it must be a specific version?
Than after it finishes I have to reboot the box and stop the boot to enter telnet mode, is it right?

And than upload an PLI image to the box. I searched for the PLI image here but I really can't find it. Can you post a link?


master G
06-12-2013, 19:24
And than upload an PLI image to the box. I searched for the PLI image here but I really can't find it. Can you post a link?

Click Nightly Builds on the NavBar > OpenPli (You can see links before reply)

06-12-2013, 21:18
I have uploaded the original dream image mentioned earlier, than rebooted the box and immediatly entered the telnet mod to uploat the PLI image through the web brawser.

But now when I let the box to boot it is stuck again in the boot loop!

Any idea?

06-12-2013, 21:41
just back you have to download the the ssl84 sim

06-12-2013, 21:44
there is sorry

06-12-2013, 21:53
hi again my box allready has the secondstage 84. Don't know if it is exactly the same as yours?

What should I do with it?

06-12-2013, 21:56
ok are you sur is not clone you dm800.

when you dowload the original image did hi reboot ok

06-12-2013, 22:02
Yes it rebooted ok and I allways can enter telnet without problem.

06-12-2013, 22:10
so listen to mi redowload the open pli when is go to 100 % click back , then download

the archive i send you uzip before

06-12-2013, 22:28
If afther thats he not reboot umplug electric cable wait 1 minute then plug back

06-12-2013, 22:58
@rami you are The Man!

We made it!!!! It has boted yuppiii!

I have another question for you:
- is it safe to use image in flash or is it better to use dumbo with USB key?
- can I use Dream Elite image in flash or is better to use PLI

Thanks again, now I'm going to sleep!

I'll be back tommorow!

06-12-2013, 23:02
the last release open pli in flash . and they ares great images

07-12-2013, 16:22
Hi guys I’m back with bad news.

After coming back from work today I started working on my box with uploading the DE light image to flash and damn was that a mistake, as my box is yet again stuck in the boot loop!

I have than repeated the process that worked last night but without success, my box after successfully uploaded the image is tuck on booting.

I’m really at a point to throw my box out of the window.

Is it something I can do, I can’t think that yesterday it worked like a champ with a beta openPLI image and today it does not.

Thanks to all on this board!

07-12-2013, 16:39
i think the image you try to put is corrupte ok relax max reload the image originale by rs 232 with dreamloader take about 1 hour

then by dreamup open pli +simssl84

ok budy

07-12-2013, 16:45
@rami I will try to do it now!

Will report back later...

07-12-2013, 19:12
Back with the report. Nothing new here, uploaded with serial cable, recover bad sactor enabled it tooked 1.16 h! It finishes succesfully finds 15 bad sectors.
Than I uploaded the openPLI image and with it the bootloader.

Still stuck in boot loop!


07-12-2013, 19:28
umplug for /3 minutes electric and plug back

oo if not by telnet reload only the original image let meno if ok before you do more i want i no if original image boot ok

07-12-2013, 20:06
@rami, I have uploaded the original dream image in serial/lan mode, but it doesn't change nothing compared to other images, still stuck at bootload.

I even waited for 3 minutes but It's the same.

07-12-2013, 20:12
i am back in 1 hour or lest i send you pm ok

09-12-2013, 17:03
Hi people,

I would really like to thank the admins of this nice forum and especially @rami for helping me out with my DM 800 problem.

After several tries and an incredible amount of time spent helping me out from the earlier mentioned people, we discovered that after uploading an image to the box I have to wait for cca 15 min of constant self-rebooting till the box shut down itself. Then I must unplug it from electricity, wait for a minute and then restart it and the image will boot without a problem. This situation is necessary just the first time I upload a new image, later it all works as it should.

To alleviate the stress on the boxes flash I decided to use the plugin Dumbo, so I can have my favorite image in the USB memory key. Here I’m asking for a little help from you, is the latest openPLI image compatible with Dumbo and with what version? Please don’t call me lazy as I’m not trying it myself, but I’m afraid that my box will not stand to much testing any longer…

Thanks in advance