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11-02-2014, 17:23
Hi Everyone

A newbie here after some advice or direction

I bought a DM800HD and was told it was a genuine and it turned out to be a clone, I found this out by flashing a real image instead of a cloned image and ended up getting the CA Not Found error.

I have managed to resolve that with Dream up and a #84 Bootloader. I can boot with dreamup and get a #57 bootloader but cannot repair the bad sector as I have no image for SSL57 to be able to flash it and repair it at the same time, I can boot to the #87 stop menu and access it over the browser but when I try and run any image like openatv then it gives me a bad sector error

does anyone have any pointer for me?


11-02-2014, 17:59
Writing to flash memory, please do not turn off power!

40 %


Reboot automatically after flashing

too much data (or bad sectors) in partition 3 (end: 04000000, pos: 04000000)

That's the exact error I am getting