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  • Why did you ask me to be a friend?
    I see your posts about cams...
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      Hi, maxbambi
      I thank you for accepting my friend request.
      The conversation about "softcam.key" and "" was long. I did not want you bother.
      Can you help me get the file ""?
      I use the satellites Hispasat (30W) + Astra (19.2E) + Hotbird (13E).
      I can not find the BISS Keys.
      I have CCcam with CLines purchased.
      I have "OSCam.emu SVN11420-r768.0", with "oscam..server" converted from CCcam.
      For example:
      In Hispasat the RTP3 channel opens in Biss. But it no longer opens the channel TVI International.
      I'm confused. I'm a newbie.
      I still tried installing "oscam-ymod_1859" version OPenPLi 6.2 but I could not; nor with the help of Master G. This version has a bug. Master G sent me his files to complete, but to no avail.
      I believe the my file "" has the keys outdated.
      Thank you for your attention.
      If you want to write or send me a file, you can use this address: best.satelista #
    • Sorry, I can help you in these questions...
      I entered this site following a plugin for hbbtv, because I found a lot of problems with hbbtv service of rai channels.
      It's very sad that we need to open kodi and rai plugin to see rai replay and vod services, when there is a hbbtv service working only in selected brands and tv models
      (marked as tivù)...
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      Hi, "maxbambi".
      Thank you for your attention.
      I also use Kodi (v18), but I do not have HBBTV.
      I hope you solve your problem.