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  • Not work on openpli 6.2 image
    I get Greek screen every time I try play a movie 😥😥😥
  • The enigma2-plugin-extensions-kodilite_5.0_r0_all.ipk is not good, you get a green screen​.

    1) i have KodiLite working finally with the KodiLiteInstaller-2.0
    But i have install plugin ExodusRedux, and when i play a movie, and want subtitles i click the yellow button.
    Than i get this, Please Install script.module.SubSupport.
    Can you help me with that.

    2) If i click ExodusRedux, Tools, Settings-Subtitles i get Error! Try another item or exit and submit log.
    Can you put into KodLite SubTitles here is the link,

    3) And i have a request for the best addon on this moment, Exodus 8.0, is working perfect now, here is the link to download.…aster/
  • Buon giorno
    Sono un neofita del sistema Linux.
    E sono rimasto molto affascinato del plugin Worldcam. Mi chiedevo come e possibile creare un Plugin che si collega a questa pagina internet ( che trasmette eventi sportivi tramite protocollo http , simile a plugin worldcam che si collega a questa pagine internet .
    Esiste una guida su come creare un plugin del genere?
    Sarebbe un plugin con molto interesse da parte di tutti gli utenti che usano sistema Linux.
    Grazie e Buona giornata
  • Hi PCD, do you have the ability to adjust to open videos from: vidcloud, netu tv, openload If possible, send me for manual installation.
    Thanks in advance!
    I meant sorry
  • Hi pcd
    Is it possible to download plugin search porn 1.8 to kofi
    Many Thanks
  • Hi my friend.
    I would ask you to change the image to the E2 EX YU settings panel plugin and if you can pack it in .ipk extension for OE2.0 Original box/Enigma2.
    Download Plugins:
    Download images:
    Thank you very much
  • hi pcd my friend; I live in Turkey and I enjoy kodilite ; camtubechat will be happy if enable (camtubechat blocked in Turkey)
  • Hello Pcd

    Thanks for you great job !

    In World cam I can offer my contribution to align cities in alphabetical order

    Let me know....

    • Please post it in the thread.
    • Hi pcd

      Thanks ... but i didn't understand how to view FreeWebCamsWorld.txt on the main plugin.
  • Hello PCD first of all thank you for the great work you do in KODILITE so we can use it in our decosat, sorry for my English (I'm using the google translator xdddd), I've installed your kodilite 4.0 and I do not see the option of " ALL PLUGIN TESTED by PCD ", remove the previous version of kodilite and I install version 4 by DCC e2. Also tell you that previously used 2 addons (the best in Spanish) that now do not work in version 2.2 or 4. Is it possible to add them to the download option? The addons are CINE by topo and PALANTIR. Thanks again for your great work and sorry for the translator's English (although it is better than mine xdddddd)
  • hi mate , could you help me install kodilite onto my enigma2 box? im quite user friendly with filezilla etc just dont know where to put the IPK file?

    thanks in advance
    • Put the ipk in /tmp and do telnet :-

      opkg install /tmp/*.ipk
  • Hello PCD how are you; Can you fix codilite camtubechat so often that it freezes? thank you so much
  • hi there i have a unibox hd it says i need to go to this forum to update the kodi direct i would appreciate it if you can help as i dont know what i am doing thank you.
  • hi pcd! I think the issue of nba video plugin has been a big dirty game on a spanish forum member, and we can give up this issue.
    thanks a lot for your attention, greetings and cheers.