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  • hi? hoe did you login to >hisakatano tvheadend?
  • Hi, I have 4K amiko receiver
    Can I change the image to E2.
    Which image and how?
    Thanks for completing the image link and tutorial.
    If I can not change to E2
    Which software support site is this receiver?
    Thanks for your answer
  • solved!!!
  • Ok but in your video tutorial ????
  • Hy,please oscam android for amiko a4,tanks.
    • no, I don't own an Amiko box now...
  • i rooted with same zip again, and now automatic dhcp works!
  • Hi!
    Thanks for rooting my device,,amiko 3 combo.
    Only problem is internet connection, i just cant manually put the right ip addres.
    it is same with wlan and lan, it gives fail text allways, any help? thnx!
  • Good morning, friend, the configuration files of the a3 combo, are the same for the A4 combo? I use C band aki in Brazil.
    • no they are not the same
    • I'm not found mcas and oscam for amiko a4 combo, along with configuration files. you have?
    • no bro... I don't have anymore an Amiko
  • hello what version of MCAS you use for you amiko a3 combo, i have MCAS installed but no PowerVu key
    • I no longer have an Amiko A3 or A4, I waste my money again on another box an U5PVR DELUXE also know as ANADOL or Dinobot 4kSE
  • Hello, DANNYPS4
    The fc_candido keeps updated osk of the ipk of the stream generator.
    See his repository for today 12/6/17.


    For MIPS - oscam_emu_twin
    For ARM - oscam_emu_twin.ARM

    Internally included AUTOROLL for 65W and 75W.