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  • to oscam.server file write like this example, behind # are my comments:

    label = my c-line # or something else, or nothing
    protocol = cccam
    device = server_ip,port # example:,1000
    user = username
    password = password
    inactivitytimeout = 30
    group = 2 # group for user, dvbapi
    cccversion = 2.0.11 # depend on your server
    ccckeepalive = 1
    audisabled = 1
  • Thanks for ur help Zilizila about the dreambox tutorial. I’ve installed the cams now,but I’m stuck in how to add the clines into oscam .
  • ineed me superbox s750 spark 7111
    Plugin Mcas PowerVU Patch
    asiasat 7/8 c 4180 v 30000 sony ten 1 hd
    new Version download help
  • Hi...

    Sorry for this approach.

    But can you take a look at this:…?postID=451470#post451470

    12188 H have a worng streamId... how can i change it? How can i creat fake channel´s like that?

    Hope you can help me.

  • Dear,
    If I am not asking too much a version WITH - T2-MI on C band 40 east WILL BE GREAT!!!!!!


  • ok, I'm waiting for your news.
  • Sorry buddy, You must wait for my result. From the position of my satellite dish it is not possible at the moment, I will have to move it to the ideal place.
  • zilizila
    hello there are news on that guide that I had suggested?
  • possibly you suggest me to change image?
    And if so, which one to mount envirably?
  • ok, thanks, let me know if you can decode those channels. Then maybe if you do me a toutorial at least I can see them too. I remind you that I have an octagon 4008 sf decoder with openatm 6.1 image.
  • OK, this is an interesting challenge, I will try...
  • moreover I do not wait to see the channels on the transponders 12188 H 30000 on astra 4.8 ° E
  • look at the guide on this link (…tt-sat-hispasat-30w-keys/) to decode the ABERTIS DDT channels on HISPASAT 30 ° W. Hispasat transponders 30W-5 11302.00 H 127 Europe DVB-S2 8PSK 30000 3/4 ABERTIS and Hispasat 30W-5 11382.00 H 129 Europe DVB-S2 8PSK 30000 3/4 ABERTIS 1 6002
  • 12188 H 30000 on astra 4,8 °E
  • transponders 12188 H 30000 - here I can't find any channels, nothing.
  • 12631 V 30000 HISPASAT 30°W - what are the channels there? I know only the data, no channels.
  • 12631 V 30000 HISPASAT 30°W, do you know how to decode the channels on this trasponders?
  • transponders 12188 H 30000
  • T2-MI TEST ON ASTRA4A 4,8°E your configuration not found on my octagon 4008 sf with openatm 6.1
  • Buddy, I'll help You, but You must write me those transponders.
  • T2-MI test on Astra4A 4,8°E

    I did not understand how to change lamebd in telnet; can you explain step by step how to do it?
    I am a novice with enigma 2 and I have a bit of difficulty.
    thanks and sorry for the trouble

    look at this link and tell me what you think.
    will it work also for octagon decoders?
  • Write here, which transponders?
  • Abertis DDT on hispasat is possible to decript??
  • is it possible to watch tv abertis on hispasat 30w (TI-MI)????
    on octagon wiht openatv 6.1
  • Hi, I think scanning services and creating user bouquets is not that difficult if you use dreamboxedit, it's really easy.
  • hello sorry i wanted to ask for help if and can a full setting with astral hotbird and 5west with 4k thanks