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  • αφου παιζουν...ωραια.
    τωρα για το αλλο,λογικα θα πρεπει να κατεβασεις τους σχετικους drivers απο το feed. ποιο στικακι εχεις?
  • είσαι φοβερός.παιζουν κανονικά ευχαριστώ για το χρόνο σου.μόνο εάν έχεις χρόνο να με βοηθήσεις για το usb stick dvb-t με το ελληνικο image. και πάλι ευχαριστω
  • I can not make backups so I am very sorry,I am waiting for your help, honorable master
  • I am waiting for you to share your backup with great excitement and joy
  • could you give backup of the open pli6 image for the respectable master spark 7162?
  • I can not backup
  • if you can give the open pli6 image backup for the spark 7162 at the nearest joy?
    • i think you do not understant...
      to do a 7162 i must have an 7162 receiver,flash the image,and than take a back up.

      is the above clear?

      secont from this image are missing a few things that i use in taapat 5,so i dont want to use this 6 version,until somone add that i need.

      3rd i do not find the reason for a backup. flash the build,and add only what you want.

    There are open pli6 images in the folder that I sent.AHMED GAZYE is quoted
    • this is a build from mustang (if i remember) and so what with this?
  • dear GEORGEFLU,Can you share an open pli 6 image backup for the spark 7162 in the near future?

    as example backup I found for spark 7111 share, the only and last wish for spark 7162 is that venerable GEORGEFLU
    • 1st i said in the past that i do not have a 7162.
      2nd i just have a taapat 5 image and this will be the image in my receiver in the future,as i do not have this in priority and no free time to play with him.
  • which is the new version for vusolo2 blackhole image?
  • it was powervu 4.8e channels but ok now thankyou
  • probably the 11398 version that you installed,wasn't the right one for your receiver.
  • got it working with new keys and oscam 11392,i changed oscam to the newer one posted 11398 but that didnt work.thanks
  • lost powervu channels for a few days .any help please
    • change your keys
    • i input latest keys by informed but still not last keys was from sergio
    • which satellite channels?
  • Hi my firend a help please to a newby...

    I have a VU+ Uno with Open PLI and Oscam and I have no problem with powerVU channels BUT with stream relay.

    I have read that in some VU+ recievers it is possible with nCam to see those channels WITHOUT stream relay, is it ossible in my reciever?

    Thanks in advance
    • unforunately vu+ left out the first models, vu+solo,duo,uno and ultimo. those receivers can't play without stream relay.
    • Thanks my friend I will stay using stream relay then...
  • ??? no. i do not have a 7162 receiver (mine is 7111) and i do not use openvix.
  • could you give VIX 4.1 image backup for spark 7162
  • it works in simple kaffeine (without oscam)???
  • thankyou for your quick response my friend. i am still trying to work this out .
  • Hi georgeflu
    how are you. i have already posted this question but not sure if it is in right section. was hoping if you knew how i can use my new tbs tuner card as au in oscam on ubuntu server
    • last time i did something simmilar,was enough years ago,using a skystar.(i am not also an expert in linux).i used a modified version of kaffeine,but i do not remeber the full name,and ubuntu bionacle.
      later i just using it in windows through progdbv and vplug.
  • hi, can you guide me on how i can flash image on a dm800se? it has only USB ports, do i use dreamup with usb or do i need to another connection?
    • maybe yes,but not now i am going for a work now. it is something easy,anyone who has dreambox receiver can help you,so i do not understand the p.m.
      dreambox always flashing through network.plug off the power cable, and put it on again while pressing the button in the front of the receiver for a while. there will be an ip ,paste this in your browser and there will be the loading page.
  • give me a little more help,of your problem... (explain what are you doing,and also what the receiver is doing.

    also...i don't find the reason of personal messages. there are and other members,whou could know something more than me,and this way they can't read the message.
  • Hi mate, Thanks for your great help. I still have few issues with my Solo 4k VU. It does do History Zap.

    I will appreciate your help mate
  • Hi GeorgeFlu how are you, just wanted to let you know that the powervu is still going niceley. thankyou very much for you help. i do have a quick question through is it possible to get irdeto keys the same way. i am trying to open the greek channels here in australia mega, alpha, ert etc ....... the provider is called tvplus and the caid is 0602. i understand that the the format is something like this
    I 0602 08 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ;Mega (166E) i just am not sure how to get the key. Do i have to get ecm and bruteforce or is there an easier not so lengthy process. Any light you can shine on this would be appreciated

    and thanx in advance regardless of outcome
    • biss and powervu are simple systems (powervu was just unknown to most receivers). all the other are not so simple to hack them and the only hacked package in ird is the half bulsatcom,which uses old ird2.
    • yeah i understand that . I also have a sub to these channels and its irdeto2 but the issue i have is that the card is paired to the box. You know how with nds you can get the numbers off the receiver and make a boxkey / boxid so that the oscam can at least recognise the card , is it also possible to do the same with irdeto 2 ?
    • no,it is not possible in irdeto, and also it is not possible in all nds providers...
  • thank you soo much for your great help
    one lastest questiones, at 9 east are a new pack age, called joyne... u know how can open it...
    its in conax paired system...
    and about canalsat france?
    • i don't know anything for both...
    • thank u... this night/afternoom ill work again y biss channels...
      for open monitor games and efb 1 did u see my last posts?
      you know about powervu keys... with vu+ i must to see in stream relay method
      with your edision os mini... runs like other channel or in stream relay?
    • osmini,osmini+,osmega, and the old dreambox models works direct.
      but those are things that are written too many times...
    • thanks a lot georgeflu, some years ago.. i got my first edision... keys manually
    • could you give VIX 4.1 image backup for spark 7162