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  • No formuler Z7+ is not the solution for DM900/DM920. Formuler Z7+ is a compleet other box. Better for IPTV than any dreambox and believe me i have tried them all DM500HD, DM800HD, DM8000HD works the best but still has freezes, DM900/920 HD not IPTV prove. All are to slow for IPTV just get another box like formuler................
  • I have sold my dreambox DM900 and also my DM920.
  • This because the dreambox is to slow for HD IPTV i have now a formuler Z7+ and all problems are over. Don't forget to set your ip to static please.
    • Thank you for quickly reply but I don`t understand the formuler Z7+ on dm 900 4k resolve the problem. is possible to have step by step guide. Thank you