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  • these are just images ..there are many to test, find the one you like best my octagon came with OpenATV. it is very easy to flash a new image.
  • What is a PurE2 and an OpenATV?
  • Hi kenno, thanks for the donation buddy, its really appreciated..
    • Hey dude. Pretty psyched here. Managed to grab my first pv channel from emm keys.
      Takes a bit of work but grabbed Sony Movie Channel on 125W.

      P 006C 00 F4A0A1016C77A1 ; Sony USA
      P 006C 01 F79D6900B7CDC9 ; Sony USA
    • And this one for CineSony on the same sat!

      P 00514EF1 00 CEC3F46287CEE6 ; Sony EMM Key
      P 00D4 00 F4A0A1016C77A1 ; Sony USA
      P 00D4 01 F79D6900B7CDC9 ; Sony USA
    • Good morning buddy,, thanks . I have some more keys for you these will open ion channels and more .
    • Are your keys for just C band or C & Ku?
    • mainly c band and a couple for ku