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    Hello the friend, I also found that to learn plugins, of which think of it you? Thank you very much for your work and do not listen to the wrong languages....
  • Hi friend, many thank's for your work with iptvplayer, it's fantastic, i play every day with you added this site in your project, or can you explain to me how to added
    Thank's a lot my friend.....
  • Mister samsam many thanks for the help,
    After a proper installation iptvplayer youtube will run again.
    Thank you.
    • Not iptvplayer but E2iPlayer. I am not sure what you mean by proper installtion. Did you made udpate after installtion to the last version?
  • Hi have not been able to use "Live" for a while now as the message comes up no links.
    Also under sports365 the stream has intermitting sound and then freezes Can u please advise. I'm using Octagon SF4008 Enigma2 4k box running Openatv 6.2
    • Hello,
      Regarding sports365 what movie player are you using? The recommended one is exteplayer3 with ffmpeg libs installed as follow:

      Regarding "Live" you are first person which report problem with this host. I am not using this service and I hope you understand that I am not able to tests every service services every day. So, if no one reports a problem, I do not know about it.
    • In version "2018.09.03.06" has been fixed.
  • Hi SSS,

    First things, first:
    Thank You for your great work with IPTVPlayer.

    And now,…
    Please take a look at "ARTE". Something as recently changed and turned impossible to navigate/see/download ARTE contents in IPTVPlayer.
    What's the problem? My poetic description is "recurring infinite lists of only one item" :)

    • I will take a look at free time.
    • "ARTE" back to normal :)
      Thank you SSS.

  • Dear SSS, i have an issue on dm900. while i was using iptvplayer without problem on vu and zgemma , i cannot watch movies from dm900. It gives same error couldnt read from source code:9. Do you have any idea what can be the issue? thank you
  • Please Friend Can you add site sports for webstreame to IPTVPlayer please .
  • All set-top-boxes use hardware decoding for video. So, there is no something like software video codec about which you probably think.
    As I wrote you should check downloaded video file using default software provided by your set-top-box manufacturer.

    If you reproduce your problem using default software provided by your set-top-box manufacturer then you should report this problem to manufacturer.

    It could be problem with drivers or with firmware for DSP (Digital Signal Processor) which is responsible for video decoding.

  • Hi SSS, the video doesnt play after downloading. I've used IPTV on alien 2 in the past but after reflashing I cant get it to work. The sound works but video doesnt. Is there any codecs I can install onto enigma2 to get them to play?

  • @Evansm85

    You must check if your hardware is able to correctly decode such video.
    Please use IPTVPlayer Download menager to download this video to your hdd or pendrive.
    Then at first check if this video is not broken (play it on PC an check if it plays OK) then please try to play it on your set-top-box but not using IPTVPlayer but for example standard manner of playing media on your Enigma2. For example plugin Media Player.

  • Hi samsamsam,
    I've used iptv for a few years now and want to say thanks! however, I've downloaded to alien 2 box successfully but once the video loads its very pixelated and unwatchable, mainly a blank white screen. any ideas how i can fix the problem
  • First sorry my bad english.i open First webbrowser and watched several ads and than open iptvplayer but close stream after 1 minute. Not change anything.
  • dear samsam.i am using iptvplayer since 2-3 years. i have got one problem and i can not find a solution. i am watching live matches on sport365 links , it stopped after1-2 minutes.i write this and other forums , they said uninstall program and install again. i make this but problem is continue. i am using this normally ? iff this is not normally , what can i this problem? please help me.(sorry for my bad english)
    • Hello,

      No this is not normal.

      Did you try to open sport365 in the web browser and watch several add and then IPTV Player? Does this change anything?

    • When i watch web browser on pc no problem.but i watching on iptvplayer with my dreambox i can watch only 1-2 minutes. Please help me.iff you send me your mail or telephone number i Will send you video for this problem
    • Did you read what I wrote? I asked you if first open stream in the webbrowser and then watch several ads and then return to IPTVPlayer. Does this change anything? My email can be found here

    • First sorry my bad english.i open First webbrowser and watched several ads and than open iptvplayer but close stream after 1 minute. Not change anything.
    • Well, I am watching at now some basketball event sience 10 minutes and I do not see such problem.
      What movie player are you using? Do you use movie player with or without buffering?
      You can set/change active movie player under blue button.