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  • hi

    this file not working in my vu+ ultimo4k
    • Hello.
      I just tested it on my uno4k and it works.
      Have you put chmod to 755?
    • yes

      All previous versions work except this version
      Now use the version 11451
  • salut

    I tested this image.(DEMONISAT dm525) It's great that everything opens quickly IPTV, but I have a problem not to record the channel, even if it sees that it detects a hard drive (usb) and reads what was previously recorded on it, if is possible to do it. save. .Thank you so much
  • i need me superbox s750 spark
    Plugin for asiasat 7/8 C 4180 V 30000 SONY TEN 1 HD HELP
    plugin ncam 16 Mcas PowerVU Patch
    Plugin 68.5 E 66 E AND 105.5 E new 2018
  • Can you open vix 4.2 image backup for spark 7162? best regards
  • Scusami Wika mi sono appena registrato e ho scaricato e istallato la 6.0 potrei sapere la password e il login con putty non riesco a entrare per caricare una pagina grazie
  • boas qual a pass desta imagem
  • You write "I have recently flashed sim201 ssl84d" but this is the bootloader to DM800HD Clone.

    If you have DM800HDse clone, you must load sim2.10, which is the boot loader to the Se tuner.

    Do you have original tuner, you are loading Dreambox-secondstage - 84-r12.0 (ipk), Secondstage Bootloader 84 (nfi).

    I think you need to get 0 modem cable and use the latest dream-up to fix this.
  • hi, can you help me flashing an image to DM800se, i dont have a null modem cable and have been trying to flash through Mozilla, but no matter what image i try to flash it comes back with an invalid or older image error. I have recently flashed sim201 ssl84d and rebooted the box, now i get an no ca found error. I cant get to flash anything now, how do i move on from here?
  • Hello.
    I have uploaded the OpenAtv 6.1 image to the forum. This image is probably the most stable image I've tried.
    I have not tried dreamup on Dm820, because I do not have this tuner.
    I'm adding a new image on my tuners using the network. It's much faster.
  • Dear wika can you help me with dreambox image for 820HD because wich is better image for GP3. Can I use Dreamup for update images in this box - Dreambox 820HD?
  • I have to know what kind of tuner you have, what image you use and what cams.
    It's easier if you ask questions in the forum. Then there are several members who can help you.
  • hello friend the softcams or addons send error messages what to do thanks
  • OpenATV
  • Hey Wika. Are there no international images that are suitable for DM800HD?
    • I'm not sure what you mean with international image.....
    • Mayer openvix or openatv? :)
  • Hi can u mod any blackhole IMG for dm900
    • Hi. I do not have 900UHD, unfortunately.
      If I find openblackhole image for 900, I will post it on the forum.
    • Ok thx for reply
  • Hi wika. I would like to compile my own image for DM800 Sim2 Clone. Can you please advise me what all is needed (what patches, drivers/blobs, etc.) to get working image? Thank you very much.
    • There are many clone image for 800HD that only has the necessary drivers. They are atca 47- 53 mb. You can then load the plugins that you need.
  • hi wika i need the conax cofig and reader my skype id johnkiema add me
    • I have no other conax config than the one I posted in the forum.