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  • Hi jokosat, please could help with multics and fransat, I send the log of oscam and mulitcs
    oscam : 2018/05/07 20:36:32 26304851 c (dvbapi) Demuxer 0 trying to descramble PID 2 CAID 0500 PROVID 041950 ECMPID 1D5B ANY CHID PMTPID 032A VPID 032B
    2018/05/07 20:36:32 26304851 c (ecm) tvheadend (0500@041950/0B00/0191/100:97D5161BFDD18DC9A73CD7307224A72F): rejected group (0 ms) - TF1 (no matching reader)

    Multics log : ch 0500:042820:0191 (4501ms) NOK

    Thanks in advance
    • hi I can help u with fransat card only fransat no sfr not open back to u tomorrow morning
  • Hi can you send me a oscam configuration for my Fransat v6 card
  • hi m8
    did you get my TNTsat card in the post?
  • Hermes tracking No 3970009251682586.
  • Hi, Don't know if i am pm u in the right place ?
  • Hi mate, thanks for your reply , if slyk is going down do I need to install a new image or will it be pointless as all is down , mainly want bt sports and Comedy Central and nickelodeon
    • hi no is nothing to do with image but depend on the device u have u can add user bouquet full sly but is pay server ?????
    • Is it a 1 off payment? My box is a mutant hd51 4k box , it doesn't have to be slyk as long as it works , I will b home in an hour or so if I can take u up on your offer of doing the team viewer and u can sort it for me, I don't mind paying if u can show me how to keep it working if channels go black etc thanks
    • IS NOT ME BUT I CAN HELP U can you skype me from 5 pm sabril94
    • or open team vieuwer in u pc and send me id and passwd from 5 pm
    • Sorry mate I've only just got back, I've gone into my box for u with FileZilla n here is my team viewer details
      Id- 188 061 833
      Pass- ett487

      Thanks mate
  • can you help me with my open atv 6
  • hi mate are you there?