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  • I installed oscam emu from linuxsat panel . did you try another version which worked ? can you send me the link ? thanks.
    • i use spark box, image open pli5 tapaat. i use oscam 11391 it works good for biss and pw vu channel. what box and image are you use?
    • Dreambox 520 , openATV 6 . i installed : enigma2-plugin-softcams-oscam.emu-11391.r749_openatv_mips32el.ipk .
      trying it now . thanks man :) hope it works . i paid good money for this stb , yet i cant watch simple powevu/biss channels which my previous cheap stb used to open with ease.
    • allright, now i cant serve you my setting, tonight i will try to help you.
      hope it will good.
    • Tried it , but its not starting . i start it when i come back it says no cam.
    • here is my config, but i don't think we have the same box. this is for spark it might be different for dm

      Unix starttime: 1507899661
      Starttime: 13.10.2017 20:01:01
      Version: oscam-1.20-unstable_svn-r11391
      Compiler: sh4-streamboard-linux-gnu
      Box type: spark (generic)
      PID: 7727
      TempDir: /tmp/.oscam
      ConfigDir: /var/keys/
      WebifPort: 8888

      GBox tmp_dir: not defined using: /tmp/.oscam
      value read during start up, not refreshed if changed later in webif!

      Web interface support: yes
      LiveLog support: yes
      jQuery support intern: yes
      Touch interface support: yes
      SSL support: no
      DVB API support: yes
      DVB API with AZBOX support: no
      DVB API with MCA support: no
      DVB API with COOLAPI support: no
      DVB API with COOLAPI2 support: no
      DVB API with STAPI support: no
      DVB API with STAPI5 support: no
      DVB API read-sdt charsets: yes
      Irdeto guessing: yes
      Anti-cascading support: yes
      Debug mode: yes
      Monitor: yes
      Loadbalancing support: yes
      Cache exchange support: yes
      CW Cycle Check support: yes
      LCD support: no
      LED support: no
      Emulator support: yes
      Clockfix with realtime clock: yes
      IPv6 support: no

      camd 3.3x: no
      camd 3.5 UDP: yes
      camd 3.5 TCP: yes
      newcamd: yes
      CCcam: yes
      CCcam share: yes
      gbox: yes
      radegast: yes
      scam: yes
      serial: yes
      constant CW: yes
      Pandora: yes
      ghttp: yes

      Reader support: yes

      Nagra: yes
      Irdeto: yes
      Conax: yes
      Cryptoworks: yes
      Seca: yes
      Viaccess: yes
      NDS Videoguard: yes
      DRE Crypt: yes
      TONGFANG: yes
      Bulcrypt: yes
      Griffin: yes
      DGCrypt: yes

      cardreader_phoenix: yes
      cardreader_drecas: yes
      cardreader_internal_azbox: no
      cardreader_internal_coolapi: no
      cardreader_internal_coolapi2: no
      cardreader_internal_sci: yes
      cardreader_sc8in1: yes
      cardreader_mp35: yes
      cardreader_smargo: yes
      cardreader_pcsc: no
      cardreader_smartreader: no
      cardreader_db2com: yes
      cardreader_stapi: no
      cardreader_stapi5: no
      cardreader_stinger: yes
  • Yes brother we are good
  • i tested last night its super v751
    • good, so it's solved for epl on saturday right.
  • bro this setting by master g are working but not fully
  • yes i real need in case you get a fix let me know
    • ok bro..
      i will share u if i get something about this.
  • ok bro thanks for reply see you later
    • you were right bro.
      i just checked it and it's scambled now.
  • because since friday mtn 57e sports 24 is off oscam 11391 v748,v749 all are giving error hash code (3)
  • ok bro did you try today
    • no, i will see tonight
  • hi brother which setting did you use
    • oscam 11391. it's about a week ago.
      right i'm not in front of pc, so i can't serve you my setting