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  • hi caz are you still sharing ? how you doing up there in galicia
  • Problem with account activation

    I have a problem.

    After registering and logging in, I get this message.

    Your user account is not activated yet. First you need to complete the activation process.

    I can not complete the activation process because I have not received an email

    I am asking for solutions to problems
  • wky i can't see IPTV frankyboy?
  • Hi Caz, How are You? I do not see you at all. Its everything okay or its with me. Cheers
  • why people publish posts in my thread I have no option for the moderator to delete it and I had now have more options
  • Sorry about my last post on iptv.
  • omnikey and pc setup
  • caz my oscam wont read rte @ my end have or can get a new oscam bin file as my simlebuild is not working well OSCam r11384 64 bit thanks mike
  • hi caz your not showing up on my server could you check the cline

    i have also sent you an active cline thanks again mate
  • thanx for your help got 2 different clines today, and great help from the forums thanks form mike in limerick
  • hi from annie12 ireland
  • Hello Cazuela have a mate in benidorm looking me to sort his satellite out just needs freesat channels do you know what dish size is needed there?
  • i am trying but tryin ....ta 4 d help