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  • hi could you please let me know how you got the channel logos to show in this image?

    Many thanks
    • I'm not sure what you mean by image. I just put picons on hdd unless you mean kiddac's onyx skin with large picons you need to follow his instructions to activate them
    • Sorry but what I mean is the picons channel name pictures in the VM HD skin.
      Ihave the skin installed but the picons are not showing up. Looked around for the instructions but cant locate them but noticed you have them installed on your screen capture.

      Many thanks
    • Press menu on epg and change service name to service name and picons
    • Do you have a link to the picons files or can I just use any as long as they are 100x60 in size and placed in the following location on the box, /usr/share/enigma2/vskin-hd/picon
      the skin apk file does not seem to contain the picons directory.

      Many thanks
    • You can use any picons.

      Picons go in root or hdd in a folder called picon not in the skin folder. Have a look in the picon support section or make a post there for more help.