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  • Hello,
    forget it ...... in the vannnibal settings of 28/11 it is no longer present
  • we confirm Alice is present but the reference is wrong. Hello
    • Now the packages contain new and old references. The old picon reference will be removed automatically within 70 days if it does not contain Vhannibal settning.
    • please help, Dawson's Creek 20 can not find channel info sid 1_0_1_2D67_2774_FBFF_820000_0_0_0
  • picon 13E
    renaming 1_0_1_35C4_1388_13E_820000_0_0_0
    in 1_0_1_1FE_384_13E_820000_0_0_0
    • current gdrive packages contain this picon 1_0_1_1FE_... (alice)
    • Thanks a lot, I'll fix it for the next update!
  • can I advertise your picons on the vuplus forum?
    • It is allowed to spread links to gdrive. Not allowed to distribute packages
    I'm waiting to know if it's okay.
    Possibly on white background ..... of blacks use yours for the sat.
    Thank you
    • Thanks, dtt.rar is OKi. Now build picon for Italy DTT (all background), next update add to gdrive
  • Do I have the file ready where I attach it?
  • Hello, I would like to thank you for ever evaluating my request,
    if you give me your email you will send a list of the Italian DTT. Hello
    • please download komplete setting fom stb and packing archive must be include favorite seznam italian DTT and include lameDB