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  • hi, ich habe mir gerade eine ZGemma H7s gekauft, ich habe die neueste Version von OpenATV 6.2 installiert, kann aber die Cam nicht funktionieren lassen (ich habe eine Tivusat-Karte)
    Ich habe auch eine ZGemma h5 und es funktioniert gut!

    was kann ich tun ???????

    Gibt es ein Oscam-Plugin für h7 für meine Karte?
  • παταω να κανω log out ενω ειχα επιλεξει Remain logged in και δεν βγαινει.υπαρχει αλλοσ τροπος να κανω αποσυνδεση?ευχαριστω
  • Dear on 66E and 68.5E both sats are having CAID 0E00 and Provider ID 000000 same to AFN network. Due to which system dont recognise the voice coordinates of these satellites.
    Please guide to resolve issue.
  • how can i install vpn in my zgemma h7s? TKS
  • good job bro can i get unmasking for mtn
  • i am using dreambox dm800hd pvr fw black hole 3.2.1c please support Ncam 6.4
  • Ncam 6.4 I need my receiver vu+uno4k se
  • mewrci
  • Does it mean in Ubuntu PC can work???
  • Hi bro I saw you say mtn not working in e2
  • φίλε μου συγνώμη για την ενόχληση έχω ενα vu solo clone v 3.2 με image BlackHole 1.7.8 και δεν ξέρω ποιό oscam είναι καλύτερο για να βλέπω Canal+ Fr. υπόψιν έχω cccam με μια c line..Σε ευχαριστώ προκαταβολικά και συγνωμη για την ενόχληση
    • μην κανεις αναφορα σε clone VU δημόσια απαγορεύεται από τους κανόνες
    • εντάξει κατανοητό και φυσικό. Για oscam τι πρέπει να κάνω? εάν μπορείς να με βοηθήσεις βλέπω από τα σχόλια σου ότι είσαι exper και πραγματικά χάρηκα που είσαι από Ελλάδα.
    • αφού υπάρχει ελληνική ενότητα καλό είναι να γράφονται και να μένουνε και για τα αλλα μελή και οχι να γράφουμε στον τοίχο κάποιου το οποίο θα ξεχαστεί εδώ ...
    • Συμφωνώ απολύτως και λάθος μου που έγραψα εδώ
  • hello
  • I did not receive an activation code by e-mail. What should I do ?
  • Φιλε ενιγμα1969 γιατι δεν μπορω να κατεβασω τισ λιστες με τα m3u. βασικα θα εδιαφερομουν για ελληνικα μιας και μενω γερμανια. μπορω να εχω καμια λιστα.ευχαριστω
    • Δεν μπορείς γιατί πολυ απλά η iptv section είναι για contributing μέλη, Linux Sat supporter και πάνω
      Για λίστες αν βρώ κάτι καλό και αξίζει τον κόπο το ανεβάζω
  • Hello Enigma1969, I have starsat sr-2000 HD extreme, Hotbird Sat, and looking to get the key of 'Irdeto 2' to open Nova Sports Channels, is there a possibility for this?
  • Hi ! Is there any way to join iptv by country ? I am searching swedish channels. Best Regads
    • on this forum? you need to upgrade your account,
      iptv section is only for contributing members
  • Hi i have a question do you know how to update CCcam version on OpenBox S9 everytime i insert an Line it says KO

    The lines are online but my box says its KO offline and so on
  • Thank you. You understood.
  • How can I access the IPTV section?
    • you need to upgrade your account,
      iptv section is only for contributing members ( Linuxsat-Supporter member, vip member and above)
  • i want to display this pmt pid in second infobar.

    please send for me how to create code for this item

    can you help me?

  • 4K technomate support for CCCAM set up please?
  • Hi Sir
    any clue why Iptvplayer is gone from the installed plugin once updated with the last rev . am using BH on VU+ zero4K
  • When I put oscam it say binary cannot execute
    • and execute right on binary ... is 755
  • This is box type

    1. DVB-S2 Tuner + SAMSUNG 109A T2/C Tuner,Support DVB-S2+T2/C
    2. Powerful BCM7362 dual threading processor with 2 x 751MHz (2000DMIPS)
    3. 512MB RAM DDR3(16*256M byte)
    4. Image Support: Openpli,Openvix,OpenATV,Openmb,Blackhole,and so on
    5. Equipped wifi
    6. Equipped With Powerful Fan

    1 pcs - Package Size: 28.0*20.3*8.0 cm . weight: 1.21KG
    1 Carton( 10pcs/Carton ) - Size: 42*41*29.5 cm . weight: 13KG

    >BCM7362 2 x 751MHz
    >Tuner DVB-S2+T2/C
    >DDR3 512MB RAM
    >Equipped wifi
    >Linux HD Receiver
    >Flash 256MB
    >Support Smartcard Reader
    >MPEG2/H.264 Hardware Dedoding
    >10/100Mbps Ethernet Interface
    >Support Plus-ins
    >Support Media Player
    >Stable SMPS Integrated
    >USB 2.0
    >YouTube Player HBBTV
    >Support HDMI
    >Composite Video Decoder
    >SPDIF For Digital Bit Stream Out
    >EPG(Electronic Program Guide)
    >Auto Matic&Manual Server Scan
    >Support Multiple LNB Control (DisEqc)
    >Powerful Multimedia Features(MP3
  • Hi super mode I wish to ask which is oscam works with herobox ex4
  • Hi supermod
    I’m new here want to understand difference between cccam config and cccam 2.2 .1 I have Dreambox 800se clone with open pli my service stopped but they told me it’s still open how can you you check the connection my network ticks green all ok I used to just but my c in config folder everything was fine have read lots on the internet hope you can help or put this in the right place

    Thanks new member

  • Hi supermod am looking for latest Oscar emu I know it's not public release could you know where I can get my name is Skype let's talk
  • Is it correct that you are working on hbbtv?
    I'm italian and i have got a lot of problems with rai channels using hbbtv browser in openatv (box Octagon SF4008)
    RAI urls are
    in particular the second one is more interesting, because there you can access to rai replay and VOD portal.

    Can you help me?
    • I believe they need it new drivers to solve the problem
      the matter is, will the octagon do it?
    • I have seen that hbbtvplayer plugin doesn't use an own browser but the hbbtv browser installed on the box...
      My problems are actually linked with browser.
      in particular:
      - no support for bind function in javascript (used in Rai code)
      - no support for svg objects
      - no support for html5 video object

      I tried to rebuild the browser changing some options and make a local copy of rai html and js code, but videos don't start yet!
  • try this autosoftcam plugin

    to update the softcam key files on the site archive.org user : dzsat19@yahoo.fr passwoard : dzsat
    My librarry Softcam EDIT .