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  • HEY DUDE. This plugin looks awesome. i am looking for a guide to instal the latest version including where to put the xml or txt file. Ive done it before with the old xc plugin where the xml goes in etc/enigma 2 folder but not 100% sure with this one
  • Ciao Lululla. Ho aggiunto ancora mesi fa il tuo contatto. Buone Feste. Hall
  • Hi.
    First, praise the plugin and actively use it on your E2 receiver. I've translated v4.8 into ExYU, so if you want to put it in the next version of the plugin.
    Congratulations on the great job and just go ahead.
  • hello lululla can you help me with plugin
  • hallo
  • Please check the movie where I am doing wrong
    Why verse 3 works without problems
  • hi, did you see my post ? Thanks