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  • I need a download link cvs+gp4 thanks you
  • Hallo AMIRALI.SH I would like to inquire about the bisskeys plugin working on the SH4 enigma 2 ie openbox S4 Pro +, this plugin before I use it on my machine, over time, of course the receiver upgrade is the cause of it until it can no longer work on my DM900 if you compile this plugin so that it can walk and enjoyed by the crowd on enigma2 machine of course, and do not mention the name of the creator before it appears when this plugin works ... related file I attached to you
    thank you
    • dear jazz

      we have a persian plugin for that reasons
      you can edit softcam.key and by remote control

      and many years ago an iranian developer built an image so you can edit biss keys within that image

      Persian empire Image Based on PLI
    • i'm use dm900 thinks that image not support
    • Ofcourse that image is very Old

      i told about the Plugin
      You Can Use (Persian DreamBox)-Plugin…rsiandreambox-v1-all-deb/

      after install that, go to Plugins(ALL) and install (Tehran-Info)
      this have many features (but most of them are local like weather & traffics and newpapaers) and also a KEY EDITOR within the plugin . try that it's very nice
    • fantastic plugin....can this plugin also be installed on dm800se, I mean available in ipk format
    • of course , we will release a new downloader (persian -Dreambox) For OE2.0 . and attach to the same topic

      thanks to KAM10 & Glimpser For tehran-info