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  • Hi my friend...

    Can you, please, send me your oscam files for Sis...

    I still with problems on Rev774.

  • ah! happy birthday...best wishes!
    • thank you great master georgeflu.. the very best.. thanks a lot
  • Happy birthday buddy.
    • thank you sooo much great zilizila....
  • abertis ddt
  • can you please prepare me lamedb and satellites xlm, and tv bouquet.
    I followed the guide but I'm wrong and I can not decipher them.
    • satellite xlm its the same
      lamedb inster the services as tutorial... its very easy all
      take the bouquet from tutorial and add your bouquets in this way you have all... lamedb and satellite xlm
      after install astra sm and put the script
    • I already tried but it does not work and I do not understand why.
      Tomorrow afternoon I'll try again if I do not want to contact you here on the forum.
    • its very easy...
      1º with dreamboxedit charge the tutorial bouquet (it enclosed lamedb and all files)
      2º install astra sm
      3º put tdt id on oscam.provid
      4º put into astra folder file called astra.conf
      5º put into astra/script folder file called abertis
      thats all
    • all are in tutorial.. read slowly...
      abertis bouquet upload to your box with dreamboxedit it contains all
    • "The Abertis script was created for MIPSEL and I don't think it can work for ARM. But you can ask SDG team I guess for a new assembled script for ARM."