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  • Hi sir
    I have some questions...

    1- I want to use Ncam to open channels that are scrambled.
    Now I'm using oscam and I have confiqured it to use Clines (CCcam).
    How do I have to config Ncam to be able to use Clines???? (I want the config File for Ncam)

    2- If I install both oscam and Ncam on my receiver..... Do they confuse each other????
    I mean, maybe I have to install just one of them.

    3- I have to install official ver or Unofficial ver of Ncam?

    Please Guide me.

    Receiver: VU+ UNO4K se
    Image: Black Hole 3.0.6
    • uncompress the file and install all ...
      /etc/tuxbox/config/ "ncam.server, ncam.conf, ncam.user" chmod 755

      / usr / bin / cam / "cccam_2.3.2_arm, ncam.cortexa9hf-vfp-neon-6.6" chmod 755

      restart the vu + ... go to the plugins you find the plugins "AlternativeSoftCamManager" activated Ncam with button ok
      do not forget to put your server line on "ncam.server

      download Cam...

    • Thanks for your kind help....
      I'm a new user......
      Unfortunately I don't know the way to put my server line on ncam.server.

      I have cccam line and using it on Oscam.server.

      How do I have to do that???

      Please explain for me.