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  • Hi supwiddiss,
    Can i install Kodi on a Dreambox DM 800SE ? with a Openpli 4.0 or on an other Image ?
    • Sure you can from your plugins menu.
      You may not though, as you will run low on internal storage.
      That's why there is KodiLight.
      Hope this helps.
    • Do you have a link for me which Kodi file i must download for my Dreambox.
    • I'm sure if you want to run full-blown Kodi Krypton It should be in your plugins folder.
      Pretty sure you may want to run it on a streaming box though.
      Again, that is why coders have make KodiLight. These boxes just don't have the 'oomph' or storage for the real version.
      Things like shutdown of Kodi taking forever and bouquet downloading, updating, and other things make it very balky. You'll feel like your satellite receiver is frozen.
      The lack of being able to use a bluetooth keyboard and mouse will give your remote keypad a rel workout too.
      Save a headache (or 3) and get a dedicated streaming box that allows external USB or HDD use.
      Hope this helps.
    • I have space enough on my Dreambox for Kodi, i have move all Dreambox files to my external hdd.