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  • Hi sir ZYGA I've a problem in ARAB HD +ARAB SEED host
  • i want to display this pmt pid in second infobar.

    please send for me how to create code for this item

    can you help me?

  • any one have latest Channelist for UK on openbox v8 pro
  • hi
    I want to ask you about path for this is skin because I didn't find it after I installed in box (vu solo 2),
    the image I use openpli 6.1 need your help.
    • the skin is AeonFHD mod by Sharp987 image Open PLi 4,6, 6,1
  • hi ziga have you this image MX Titanium_C Full Hd skin for Black Hole image?
  • why not answer the questions that they do
  • the most beautiful thing in life to be honest if this skin is not yours and you do not know how to answer just say where you downloaded it so you can discuss who else did not do nice with other things waiting for response we hope
  • or tell me where I can speak with the author of this skin
    AeonFHD_MOD skin Sharp987 mod for Black Hole by fhroma
  • ziga
    you can tell me how to put the picon in the info bar thanks for the answer
  • AeonFHD_MOD skin Sharp987 mod for Black Hole by fhroma
    on the channel list there are the picons while the picon does not appear in the information bar
  • hi zyga,,
    would you like to tell me how to edit the quick signal info? to change the size, colour, and so on. to display the epg?
    thank you