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  • hi just installed 6.2 done scan channels all there tried to set ccline up cant get going ive put ccam in keys still cant get going could you help thanks
  • hi mate zgemma not working it does not boot
  • Hello boss I need oscam 11437 and 11436 my receiver vu+uno4kse
  • i take its going to need serial rs232 cabled flashed
  • how do i flash the boot loader for h2s
    • in the same way you would firmware
    • its jumping from boot update to flash back to usb
    • no matter what usb i have i notticed it needing flashed it was my aunts box i dont know what shes done never seen this before just wondered is it a common issue. thanks
  • hi bro are you shure it will work hash mode 15 and 16
  • Are you there
  • Come in skype
  • Come in skype
  • I tried communication with you on skype no reply how are you today
  • Hi bro
  • My Skype ID is same as my name
  • I jensene can we talk in private
  • Bro I wanted to ask can you make Oscam emu with hash mode15
    Any updates about this :…?postID=448881#post448881

  • zgemma booting use jtag ? help
  • hi i wont help when you whont i havw cloud ibox3 und i can not flashing and tuner status ist denied
  • Hey buddy,

    can you help m with some photos from your photobucket account, i need to jtag my bricked icloud receiver. Thanks in advance.
  • Hi do you done serial flash...plz guide me...
  • 👍👍👍👍 Congrats to Your winning. Enjoy a new box. 📺
  • 12.5°WEST
    12661 H 14400 DVB-S2 8PSK
    MPEG 2 - 4:2:2 - HDTV
    Comment: EPL LIVE [ SiS Live ] - Southampton vs Burnley
    kick-off 15:00pm UK Time
  • Hi Mate, have you posted my box? Cheers
  • Hi Mate, would you except £130 for the VU+ Uno box? Cheers
  • would you be so kind to view my thread ?…?postID=404557#post404557
  • hi, just reading a thread of yours and wanted to ask if you have any experience jtagging a zgemma h2
  • Try this on the H7

    Eutelsat 7°E -12546 H 7120

    CW:20 69 8B 14 EF 0C A8 A3
  • Can you help me with a coding issue? If a few codes in the file can be fixed my problem will be over and I`d be very much thankful to you...
  • Hi mate how much for the Edison

    Remember you helped me with my LNB problems :)