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  • Hi. I just checked and the link worked. True, this data file host can be silent. but this is the only link I have for the moment to see how much time has been downloaded. so I know my backups are interesting and it gives me the motivation to continue creating bsackups.
    try downloading again.
  • Dear Mika22 can you please upload again openBH-4.2.001_vuzero4k backup by mika,, download link not working:

    best regards
  • Hi. it would make a backup for vu zero 4k and vu uno 4k, but I do not have the image anyway. if you have, send me and I will make a backup in a few hours.
  • hey dear sir @mika 22 can you provide backup of italysat image for vu+zero4k or vu+uno4k
  • great man you are sir @mika slute you dear .... very helpful man you are .....
  • unfortunately I can not because I do not do software support for resiver. I'm sorry.
  • dear mika22,Can you give mediasat 9.0 image for LX3?
  • Golden interstar Claas S2 je novi nasljednik lx1 i lx2 resivera. Lx1 i lx2 vise se ne proizvode.
  • Has this replacement gold interstar xpeed lx3 been installed?
  • dear mika,Can you give open pli-6.2 backup for golden interstar lx3?
  • The PKT team does not provide support for the resiver with the sh4 processor. I'm sorry.
  • Can you share pkt 5.6 backup for spark7162?
  • @fawadabid2004 prijatelju. ja nisam stručnjak da vam mogu pomoci oko vašeg problema na linux 64 serveru(iskreno neznam ni šta je to). ovo što radim je cisti hobi i sva ta testiranja koristim na satelitskim resiverima.
    ja ne kreiram emulatore nego ih jednostavno prilagodim za alternative softcam manager.(čim se pojavi nova verzija oscam ili ncam koja je u ipk datoteci,jednostavno je raspakiram,potrazim emulator i malo ga prilagodim da moze raditi na alternative softcam manageru)
    inace koristim plačenu c liniju (nemam svoj server,a i ne zelim se petljati u to).
    znaci ako novi emu radi otvara powervu,cs linija radi,ja postavljam te emulatore na forume kao podrsku za alternative softcam menager plugin.
    zao mi je što vam nemogu pomoci u vezi vaseg problema.

    @fawadabid2004 friend. I am not an expert to help you with your problem on linux 64 server (I do not know what it is all about). What I do is a pure hobby and I use all these tests on satellite receivers.
    I do not create an emulator but simply adapt them to alternative softcam managers (as soon as a new version of oscam or ncam is found in the ipk file, it is simply unraveling, emulating the emulator and adjusting it slightly to work on the alternative softcam manager)
    otherwise I use a payline c line (I do not have my server, and I do not want to interfere with it).
    means if a new emo works to open a powerv, cs line works, i put these forum emulators as a support for alternative softcam menager plugins.
    I'm sorry I can not help you with your problem.
  • hello kindly help me .i m using oscam emu 11420 on linux 64 server.video is ok but no audio can you help for configuration for audio
  • Hi
    Please I want to help me for making a new backup.
  • Hello mika22
    Can you please upload the DM900 UHD 4K ORIGINAL software/image full backup with PowerVU support without stream relay openpli etc. etc., awaiting for your reply.
  • Dear 16e Total Tv package working
    • kako mislite radi total tv 16e? kod mene ne radi. samo max tv.
      how do you think about total tv 16e? he does not work for me. just max tv.
  • Hello,
    i'm newbie, how made eutelsat 36e configuration? and how install wicardd 1.19 in Your full backup black hole 3.0.4? Vu+uno4k - 36e, 4.9e, 19.2e, 13e, 23.5e ? Thank you. Sorry my poor english.
  • Gruß einen Freund. diese Sie Briefe über Übersetzer Google jedoch entschuldigen in Bezug auf die Rechtschreibfehler . bald kommt 11.0.2 Backup-VTI. bis zum Tag zwei. Ich brauche etwas Ruhe. Ich bin froh, dass du ihr meinen Backup mögen. Grüße aus dem Kroatischen.
  • Hallo Mika22! Könntest Du bitte für die Uno 4k auch ein VTI 11.0.2 Backup machen ! Deine Backups sind spitze da ich vti bevorzuge wäre das echt klasse ! Lg wolle
  • hy...bos..hpryon 5.5 is god