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  • Since DM500HD dont support USB you have to use an HDD instead.

    1. install image in flash, dont install anything extra or channels just plain image.
    2 Download this plugin
    3. Unzip the file and then upload with ftp to your DM500HD tmp folder
    4. Install plugin this is done from "Software manager" manual install ipk file
    5. When installation is done reboot
    6. Now go to Plugin menu and start "FlashExpander"
    7. In your case choose HDD can be name of HDD or Serach path of HDD but there should be only one option on DM500HD
    8. Wait until you get ok screen and then reboot.

    Now Flashexpander is working and running and you can install Cams, Channel list and more skins :)

    Hope this works out for you
  • Hi again, you previously mentioned falshexpander as an option for DM500hd as it has a small flash memory, do you have a guide on how to expand the flash? i have issues on installing image files that are larger than 60MB and the ones that are smaller are not so stable. And any suggestion to what image is good if i only use my drembox to run iptv?