Mgcamd For arm based receivers

  • Hi

    been using a vu soli2 for a few years and learned how to keep it running sweet over that time but decided it was time to upgrade to the vu 4k.
    Now having alot issues. Moved over to oscam as read it was the only softcam on vix all went well for the first hour now get random breaks in my viewing for no apparent reason! Say I'm watching sky sports sometime in the next hour it will go off for 1-3 hours and come back on! Never had issue once on my solo 2.

    Please help

  • Hi Scottd83, the only way to know for sure whats going on is to look at the oscam log. There will be errors there that will help solve your issue. Without seeing the log we could guess all day and not solve anything..

    Show us the log after your channels freeze / break and we can go from there..

    Which image and OSCam version is being used ?

  • Hi master g.....latest vix and latest oscam from feeds. Been into oscam info and into logs says forbidden or something like that. Ps been away on holiday sorry for no reply.

  • Looking mgcamd for Openatv 5.3. Is there working version?

    It doesn`t work on openatv 5.3.. Its only working on blackhole, openblackhole and VTi.

  • Hi all

    i only just purchased a vu+ solo 4k but having trouble with freezing using oscam, i take as im using openvix 5.0.020 i can only use oscam? and the vu box having a arm?

    i saw a file earlier on in this post for openvix mgcamd 1.35a but it doesnt work, all i get in softcam manager is the green start tab whih wont activate mgcamd.


  • can only use oscam? and the vu box having a arm?

    mgcamd will only work on blackhole & VTI, not any other image.

    oscam and other softcams based on it like oscamymod, ncam, gcam are whats used on 4K arm type receivers.

    If you have any of these values on the [reader] remove them. They are renowned for causing freezing / disconnections.

    1. inactivitytimeout=1
    2. reconnecttimeout=30
    3. lb_weight=100
    4. cccmaxhops=10
    5. ccckeepalive=1
    6. cccwantemu=0
  • Looking mgcamd for Openatv 5.3. Is there working version?

    Not that I know....been looking for months...let me know if you find one tks Solo 4k

    i have a solo4k running openatv6.2, i installed mgcamd 3.5 from the satvenus panel and it is working in the config file g33 and box type 00

    hope this helps

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