What emu for CCCAM server

  • Hi Guys,

    I used to use Oscam for my CCCAM server for years, and then I swap to NewCS, the zapping seems to be way faster, but don't really understand the server or config, or whatever which of my Cline is active or not.

    I was looking for help looking for the best and more appropriate emu.

    Can you guys give me some advice here?

    Thanks you

  • good morning, witch card u running ? do u newcs is runing good? witch infos u need?

    Hi Jokosat,

    I actually have a TNTSAT card which I don't use at the moment, I only run CCCAM (CLINE) Oscam was way to slow, that why I swaped to NewCS, its work fine for Sky UK but not for CanalSAT FR, so was wondering what was the best emu to use for CCCAM

  • for tnt sat fr you need aes keys and they change it alls the time,i don't think mewcs good for viacess card only oscam ,but tnt sat take long time to claire .

    i run sbox for dplus sp i don't think is good for u card, i have one card tnt sat fr is in the tnt originale box try it but aes keys change alls the times and somethimes wait weeks.

  • Hello,

    Somebody can help, i'll be happy. I installed on my vu+ cccam 2.0.11. After i generated online a test clines. The channels work fine, but just a day. I must again generate a new cline. One channel "Mezzo" work continuosly and he "using emu". Where is this "emu", and how I can attache it to all channels, to work like a Mezzo channel? Thank you...:)

  • Test lines is lines for only 24 hours.Because that they are free!

    DEllete ccam from your VU and install oscam-emu but first you tell me what image you have?

  • Thank you friend! I have a BlackHole 2.1.5 image (Enigma2).

    If you have a time for me, please reply, how I can install the oscam-emu (this is an ipk file and can I download it from internet?) and how can I activate for all channels? Must have some keys or lines like on cccam, or after installation and activation on Cam pannel he work? Thank you. :)