TM5502HD Ch List by William-1

  • TM5302HD Channel List by William-1
    This TBN file can be use with both versions of the TM5302HD,+ TM5502HD & TM8000HD Combo

    All satellite transponders updated,

    New Satellites added:-
    Eutelsat 9B @ 9 east has replaced 9A
    Turksat 4B @ 50 east (only testing atm)
    Belarus Sat-1 @ 51.5 east (No channels atm)
    Yahsat-1A @ 52.5 east with a new European beam

    Note:- This channel list is not for use with other TM receivers that use a different NDF file system.

  • Technomate TM5402HD Channel List by William-1
    53 east to 45 west all transponders updated,

    This channel list is suitable for all single tuner satellite receivers using the NDF file system:-
    TM5402HD M1,M2,M3 & TM6800HD
    Blade 7000s, DrHD D15, DrHD F16, + Clarketech & Strong.