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  • Hi guys got a dreambox 800hd clone with blackhole on it with catseye all sats with a mtr 1.1 dish,if you have read my last few posts been having problems scanning for channels and sats with help from the people who know what they are doing I now have all channels and sats.but when I set my dish to astra 28 e I get an snr of 100 perfect .but when I move dish to look for the other channels on the other sats I cannot find them .When I go back to uk sly channels the snr has gone down to less than 40% and it freezes and glitchs .I can fine tune it back to 100% and when I store it the dish will then not move because I have set the limits east and west .I have put my long and lat in using usals but I know I am missing something your help is needed again
    Cheers John

  • Hi mate what is psu just read a post from a guy called sweeny and he says a dreambox 800 can not be set up using and must be done manually usals is this correct
    Cheers john

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  • Sounds like your dish is out, not set up properly. If you are using usals your motor will always go back to the position you set your co-ordinates up to regardless of whether you fine tune it. If you use advanced set up in tuner configuration change settings to, lnb1, diseqc 1.2, use usals no, save satellite no. to .... I use 28 for 28.2e, 23 for 23.5e, 13 for 13e, 5 for 4.8e, 1 for 0.8w, there is no need to change any other settings then press ok to save changes. Then go to positioner set up and start at thor 0.8w and fine tune to best signal and save position as previously mentioned 1. Then do a search east for say 4.8e and it should stop on that satellite then fine tune again for best signal and save to 5..do this for all satellites if you can find them, make sure when you search you use a valid transponder or you wont find anything. This is only a quick fix, if you cannot find thor I am 99% sure your dish is not lined up or set up correctly the arc is incorrect. Hope this helps you

  • hi neil 306

    this is the best know how to program the dream box on motorized system.

    i have spent weeks and weeks reading different threads on forums and trying to porgram my dm900 to motorized system with no result till i have read your post which should be in the stickies all sorted now.:thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

    thanks once again