UK Cable jenseneverest 7 day EPG source for epg importer based on openTV

  • ftp all 3 ipk files to tmp

    Install via addon manager

    restart box

    setup crossepg by choosing jenseneverest for cable and sky from xmltv providers

    Save and download

  • yes I have installed atv and test it. Everything works but I am used with Black Hole which I used for a decade

  • I am aware of missing data on some channels, the problem is been worked on

    There is a problem grabbing data, it is very wide spread

    We can thank all the iptv servers for it, there are literally hundreds of servers all attacking the same source's. It is no wonder that they have now taken measures to protect themselves.

    Ironically we all end up with the same data, all that differs is how we use it.

    Perhaps we should be more considerate to the various epg website's and share the data amongst ourselves, perhaps a central download area... ?? Rather than hundreds of attacks, all for the same data.....

    Okay rant over.....

    As it stands i can still get some epg, (450 channels) you will have to use the VM pvr channel (epg data stream) for the rest at for now anyway.

    I will be looking to grab data from elsewhere now, perhaps by mapping crossepg opentv data to the VM channels....that would be a better solution in any case.... if it is even possible.

  • Okay since the grabs for data were taking 56 hours and then fail right near the end i have now switched to opentv data. Like in the post above the issue is widespread across many site's, you can thank the iptv pay servers and muppets who sell epg for it ..FFS...

    Opentv data has some advantages, it is now all sourced directly from the e2 box.

    EPG is more accurate with season, episode and run time, basically exactly the same as what you get with crossepg on 28.2...The downside is that the data is only a maximum of 7 days

    The change over will take a few days, i have updated most of it... i still need to do regional ITV channels so expect a few issues

    All you as the end user needs to do is update your channel list with autobouquets maker and then reboot your box and Download epg as normal with epgimporter plugin

    I have now dropped support for sly 28.2 channels.... its pointless if it exactly the same as you would get using crossepg and opentv data.

    Please report what channels are not working for you by looking at your openwebif page, copy and post the service ref and channel name to this thread, hopefully this will all be sorted by end of the week

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  • updated post 1 to reflect changes to 7 day openTV data

    Dropped uk sat support

    Dropped crossepg support

    This is now updated by an automated daily script, i suggest downloading your epg after 4am each morning as the updated data will be passed to the download area sometime before then. That way you will get slightly less than the full 7 days epg

    As always if you do not report channels with missing data or incorrect data, then i probably wont notice them.... i dont watch them all.

  • Thanks, any chance for a cross epg version of the script?

    Edit: Just re read and you dropped support

  • BT Sport 2 HD is incorrect.


    Thanks will fix tonight please reboot your box tomorrow (to renew channel details ) and download as normal

  • Quite a few changes over the last couple of days mostly with the itv HD channels, you will need to update your channel list with ABM 3.0

    You can find it here:

    Please login to see this link.

    Reboot box and download as normal