Openatv universal softcam feed

  • Press menu/softcampanel/ scroll left or right and select your cam then green to start. You can also choose which method of starting from menu/softcam-panel set up and choose from python camstarter or init d. I use python and make sure frozen cam check is off.

    hi bud i use open atv 6.1 when i press menu i dont have softcampanel

  • Sorry menu/infopanel/ softcampanel

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  • exactly what you are expecting to find?

    new emulator?

    it's only Softcam feed buddy ;)


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  • STB AX 4K HD51, Image openATV-6.2. Instaled softcam-feed-universal_3.0_all.ipk . opkg udate return:

    1. Collected errors:
    2.  * opkg_download_backend: Failed to download, wget returned 4.

    What you need to change in the link, or this address is no longer valid?

  • Could be temporarily down or not valid anymore.

    Which softcam were you trying to install ?

  • Thank You.

    From 3rd attempt it turned out to connect the server, updating of packages successful.

    Wanted to watch, that new - nothing has changed. :)

    I have installed with oscam-ymod in 1859 and wicardd 1.19