Oscam-EMU OE1.6/2.0/Fpu/PLI4.0

  • Changeset 11438 with Emu 776

    [osemu] Forbid parallel access to the key db even more
    [powervu] Increase usuable EMM keys per group id to 32
    Previously the EMM algorithm was using the first 16 EMM keys for each group id. If there were more EMM keys for a group, they were simply ignored. Now the capacity has been increased to 32 keys. Also did some minor optimizations and added comments to the code.
    [powervu] Whitespace clean up
    [osemu] Whitespace clean up
  • Changeset 11438 with Emu 777

    [add] PowerVu hash mode 21 and 22
    [add] Basic support for BISS 2*
    [fix] Small optimizations and improvements

    *BISS 2 support is limited to ecm and emm detection only. Nothing more at the moment!
  • Changeset 11439 with emu 777

    Enables Nagra Merlin (CAK7) reader by default
    Corresponding keys are now configurable via WebIf and config files

    Tnx DaMulda? for providing this patch!
  • Changeset 11439 with emu 778

    -[add] PowerVu hash mode 23 and 24
    -[fix] Small optimizations and improvements

  • Changeset 11439 with emu 779

    [add] PowerVu hash mode 25
  • Changeset 11440 with emu 779

    [nagra merlin]

    - fix some compiler errors and warnings introduced r11429

    - patch provided by @DaMulda

  • Changeset 11441 with emu 779

    improve REMM feature
    show remm req in webif
    gbx webif cosmetics/improvements
    fix typos from r11437 thx sattotal
    remove ccc stuff from gbx page when ccc not compiled in
    webif: display 'use_gpio' on physical readers only
  • Changeset 11441 with emu 780

    [add] PowerVu hash mode 26
    [fix] PowerVu channels with missing audio or video streams
    [fix] Small optimizations and improvements
    All PowerVu channels should now work WITHOUT the need of a separate Emu reader with cacheex enabled.
    Should also fix most, if not all, channels with missing or not descrambled audio streams.
  • Changeset 11442 with emu 781

    [add] PowerVu hash mode 27
    [fix] Small optimizations and improvements
  • Changeset 11443 with emu 781

    [gbx] - fix parameter 'gbox_reshare'

    show peer-id & online stat in webif reader
    code clear up
  • Changeset 11444 with emu 781

    [gbx] - fix peer password not stored in config

    issue introduced with last commit
    thx azo for catching that
  • Changeset 11444 with emu 782

    [fix] PowerVu channels with non working audio streams
    [fix] Irdeto cw checksum bytes were not correct

    The rest of the PowerVu channels with non working audio streams should now work correctly
  • Changeset 11445 with emu 782

    - add tandberg to 'get cardsysten' in oscam.simples.c
    - add #include <sys/sysmacros.h> to globals.h
  • Changeset 11445 with emu 783

    [add] Support for Compel encryption via the Stream Relay
    [fix] Small optimizations and improvements

    Users who already use the Stream Relay for PowerVu, need to add the "0E00" caid in the new Stream Relay setting. Refer to the wiki for information on how to setup the Stream Relay for Compel and PowerVu

    Enabling Stream Relay

    To enable the Stream Relay you have to:

    Select 1 - enabled in the Config -> Stream Relay -> Mode option.

    Set the proper Caid for the channels you want to enable the Stream Relay for.

    For PowerVu channels, caid is 0E00. Compel channels don't have an actual caid, so the OSCam-Emu's free-to-air FFFE caid is used. For Rosscrypt1 channels the caid is A101. Multiple caid values, separated with commas are accepted. For example, setting caid to 0E00,FFFE will enable the Stream Relay for PowerVu and Compel channels.

    Creating a modified channel list

    Stream Relay needs a modified channel list. First step is to get the streaming url for the channel you want to watch:

    Go to the OpenWebif and click on the "Stream" button for the channel you want to add.

    Download and save the .m3u file

    Open the .m3u file with a text editor and get the stream link. It looks like this:

    1. http://stb:8001/1:0:19:0123:3EF:1:C00000:0:0:0:

    Replace the port (8001) with the relay port (default: 17999) and the host name ("stb") with It should look like this:


    After preparing the new stream link, you need to create a new channel in your user bouquet and add the url. For example, when using DreamBoxEdit, this can be done like this:

    Go to the list in the middle "Bouquet details".

    Right click and select "IPTV and other streaming services" and then select "Add".

    Select "DVB/TS" as the service type.

    Write a name for the channel and add the new stream link as URL you prepared above.

    Set Service Type to "1" (SD) or "25" (HD) and enter the Service ID of the original channel. You can find it in the left list ("Services") or through the WebIf.

    Do NOT use the correct Transponder ID/Network ID/Namespace for the stream link. Instead, use dummy values like Transponder ID: "11", Network ID: "22" and Namespace: "33".

  • Changeset 11446 with emu 783

    [gbx] - Speed up local card status detection and report cards to peers
  • Changeset 11448 with emu 783

    better solution streamid
    thnx Nautilus7
  • Changeset 11451 with emu 784

    fix for last commit ...

    [fix] Better stream type detection for PowerVu channels
    This is probably the last fix regarding the stream type detection.
    The identification of each stream type (video, audio, subtitle) is now based on the "descriptors" included in the PMT (when this is necessary) and not only on the "Stream_type".
    If you still have some channels that don't have audio or video, or some audio stream are not working, it is almost certain that it is not the OSCam-Emu's fault. In anyway, it won't harm if you post an issue in the github.
  • Changeset 11460 with emu 784

    Changeset 11457
    part 2 for ORF AU fix
    -add CAID 0D96
    -add on/off switch
    thnx to pehedima

    Changeset 11458

    fix 1x fallthrough / break
    videoguard2 cleanup

    Changeset 11459

    fix typo missing ;

    Changeset 11460
    code cleanup
    and fix for *** Standard cards
    thnx to KD (de-board)
  • Changeset 11462 with emu 784

    Changeset 11461

    another cleanup patch
    thnx optimum power

    Changeset 11462

    fix last commit
  • Changeset 11462 with emu 785

    [add] RossCrypt1 support via the Stream Relay*
    [fix] Some PowerVu channels were missing audio when recording
    [fix] Allow more PowerVu channels to be watched or recorded simultaneously**

    *Refer to the wiki for information on how to configure the Stream Relay.
    **This is done by not descrambling the subtitles on the PowerVu channels. The subtitles are always(?) un-encrypted, so this should not be a problem. If you come across a PowerVu channel with scrambled subtitles, please report.