Oscam-EMU OE1.6/2.0/Fpu/PLI4.0

  • Changeset 11463 with emu 785

    Changeset 11463
    part1 cleanup and fixes for gcc 8.2

    Emu 785
    [add] RossCrypt1 support via the Stream Relay*
    [fix] Some PowerVu channels were missing audio when recording
    [fix] Allow more PowerVu channels to be watched or recorded simultaneously**

    *Refer to the wiki for information on how to configure the Stream Relay.
    **This is done by not descrambling the subtitles on the PowerVu channels. The subtitles are always(?) un-encrypted, so this should not be a problem. If you come across a PowerVu channel with scrambled subtitles, please report.
  • Changeset 11465 with emu 785

    fix Nagra & Nagra Merlin Tier Expire Dates
    Nagra EMM Filter merged
    Nagra Merlin Code cleanup
    completeness check of the required CAK7 keys
    Block NAD changes reverted
    fix xxor fallthrough
    aescbc removed
    tabs / comments / spaces cleanup

    thnx kabeltod
  • Changeset 11466 with emu 785

    set demuxer stop point if PMT demux_index == 0
    found by schwa226
  • Changeset 11471 with emu 785

    Changeset 11470
    Cleanup and add functions

    Changeset 11471

    cleanup module-dvbapi.c
  • Changeset 11478 with emu 785

    big cleanup pack 4
  • Changeset 11485 with emu 785

    Changeset 11480
    big update pack 5
    another cleanup &
    removed duplicate functions

    Changeset 11481
    small cleanup

    Changeset 11482

    fix for missing values in ecminfo_type = 3
    by Optimum Power

    Changeset 11483

    fix small typo
    move log to debug

    Changeset 11484
    by Jotne
    show number of cards in the log

    Changeset 11485

    thnx Optimum Power
  • Changeset 11486 with emu 785

    -add UPC Hungary support & clean up
    -change #11484 to debuglevel to avoid logspam on default