DM 900 Ncam

  • Hi,how are you guys,thanks you for this great forum where is aswome to be part.

    I have few questions and problems i been facing up whit this actual DM900

    The DM 900 actualy run on OpenATV 6

    When i do install the Ncam.ipk version ( tryed 1.4 1.5 1.6) it do get install,i get also the folder in tuxbox add the server everthing. but when i start the Ncam and exist nothing happen. wich i figured out

    that every time i start Ncam it make it succefly when i do exit it go back to No cam.. i readed many places and still couldnt figure out where the problem came from,is the there some fix, version or soemthing..

    Also,i find a .deb Ncam version From a Spanish provider. ( i dont know if its against the rules to post links outside.. but if its not and some one ask me after a reply i post the link)

    when i send it to the tmp folder and try to install it from The IPK manager/plugin call it watever you want it dosent find it.

    So is there an solution for the DM900 to have it work whit Ncam ! thanks you friends !:thumbup:

  • Install the ipk version and send the configs to the correct place..

    The correct config location for openatv is /usr/keys.

  • Correct. Default location for all configs is /usr/keys. Whether you use ncam, oscam or any other emulator.

  • Hi,thanks you for your answer, is it possible to have your working version for make sure its working.. or can you provide one who you already test it and its working. thanks you again Master.

  • To find out where the configs are mapped too on openatv image ftp to /etc and open oscam.emu or ncam.emu file.

    Pay attention to this line (can be changed your own folder of choice) -> startcam = /usr/bin/oscam -c /usr/keys

  • My lines

    emuname = ncam_2.8

    binname = ncam

    startcam = /usr/bin/ncam

    stopcam = killall -9 ncam

    This is the default config but still nice to know you can remap if you like, thanks for the tip :)

  • Till ncam 2.8 config files were at /var/keys in openatv

    From ncam 209 files are in /etc/tuxbox/config. So if you downgrade ncam to older versions put also configs in /var/keys.