Black Hole Online Update

  • Be care full with updates if you have an working CI/CI+ hade a conversation over there at the forum since threads get closed when talikg about Image OpenBLackHole 4.1.

    If you update to latest Image OpneBH then all CI+ module stops workin and the answer i got is they dont support illegal use.

    In som country there is Illegal to put you CI+ Module in an not Licens product so therfor they could not help with the problem in OpenBH.

    I see in Update 3.0.5A they have an

    - Fix DVB-CI problem so be avare if you update allways do a full image Backup first so you can reflash if you need.

    I can confirm that latest BlackHole still works with CI+ Cas 7 Conax

  • The latest Black Hole image is 3.0.5.C Quad PiP

    What is new ?

    [vuplus-blindscan-utils] update for mips.

    update drivers(duo2, solo2, solose, zero)

    - Improve frontend(TT3L10, TT2L08)
    - Improve demux

    update drivers(4k models)

    - Fix HDMI IN(ultimo4k, uno4kse)
    - Fix demux(zero4k)
    - Fix some proc entries in VideoEnhancement

    This is only available as an online update from 3.0.5, 3.0.5.A or 3.0.5.B
  • And most important of all In update they have removed CI+ support so if you have a working CI+ module then that will not work any more.