Black Hole Online Update

  • Hi, if i install Black Hole 3.0.5.L Quad PiP for my ultimo 4k will it be online updateable? Currently running vix without issues but my last blackhole image was not online updateable and always gave me an error when trying to update.

    So i had to reflash to update. How can you tell which versions are updateable?

    Having to put all my sat positions in everytime i updated was to much hassle.

    Is there a way to back up sat positions from my receiver if i wanted to go back to blackhole?



    60East - 30West

    VU+ Ultimo 4K 2TB, 1x Twin DVB-S2 FBC / 1x DVB-C FBC (Not Installed) - V-Box II- Raven 1.2m - Moteck H-H 180 Motor - Inverto Quad C120 LNB - Raven Feedhorn