OSCAM EMU for DREAM ELITE 6.0 (O.E. 2.5) - DM 7080HD MIPS32EL RSI Swiss & Tivusat

  • I have the smartcard tivusat. I see now rsi 1 e 2, but i don't know how to switch in automatic way because i have everytime change in manuel the cam: cccam if i want to see the tivusat channel e read the smartcard but if i want to see rsi 1 and 2 i have to go to the softcam panel to change the cam an put ymod oscam.

    I want to know if there is a way to make this switch automatic wothout changing everytime the cam.

    thank u.

  • titanium79

    For using OSCAM-EMU with TVSAT you need to put the correct configuration files in the proper folder (in the dreambox its is /etc/tuxbox/config .

    There are many oscam config files. One of these files has inside the RSA key for using the TVSAT card with OSCAM-EMU.

    Attached to this post there are my config files.

    Unluckly with this config it does't write viewing rights into the smartcard so once a month you have to switch to cccam/scam for updatting viewing rights.

  • Hi.

    Thanks for the feedback and sorry for the delayed answer.

    So if I understand correctly the EMU for RSI does not appear at all in the config files. Everything is managed by the EMU and the external softcam key file. I'll give a try.

    I checked your config files and noticed a small difference with mines. I do not know if this is the reason why in my case the viewing rights are updated.. or if the reason is that I ma using a NON EMU OSCAM....

    By the wayif you wan to try here are the differences:

    1) in the account file there's the reassembly command and the suppresscmd08


    description = dvbapi

    user = dvbapi

    uniq = 4

    au = 1

    suppresscmd08 = 1

    emmreassembly = 1

    group = 1

    Maybe they are totally useless... but if you have not yet tried...


  • It doesn't open anything

    You need to show us the oscam log from startup and after trying to view channels for us to find a solution.

  • I read the directions and downloaded the files. I try the configuration and I can communicate as soon as I can if all goes well. I have DM7080 HD with Dream Elite 6.0. Thank you very much for your work.

    In all this time I tried several times to be able to have the light on the programs of Switzerland and HD on Rai and Mediaset but without result.

    If I activate CCcam 2.3.0 I see the HD programs on Rai and Mediaset with TivùSAT card and no program on RSI HD.

    If I activate Oscam-Dreambox-FPU-11391 I do not see anything anymore.

    I followed all the steps and I copied the files as indicated in the table:

    / Etc / tuxbox / confing Files present: oscam.conf, oscam.server, oscam.user. Files inserted: oscam.dvbapi, SoftCam.Key All with 755 permits.

    / Usr / bin File present: oscam, with permission 755 / Lib / systemd / system Files present: emu-oscam-dreambox-fpu-11391.service, emu-oscam-dreambox-fpu-11391.socket All with 755 permits.

    / Usr / Keis File present: 0 file File inserted: SoftCam.Key With permission 755.

    :hello I do not know what to do.

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