Dear Support team - ACCESS DENIED

  • Hi Guys,

    I'm asking for help and will pay subscription if you can assist me. Firstly I know nothing about this system as my daughter got this as a present and set it up.

    I have a ZGEMMA h2 box. I can access sports channels, and box nation etc via XTREAM on my hand set. Some days I can get access but of late the

    message I am getting is ACCESS DENIED. I haven't interfered with the box. I have checked leads, internet etc but no joy. If you can advise me I will

    donate handsomely. If you do supply advice treat me like a 5 year old !! Thanks in advance.

  • Have you updated the xstreamtv plugin recently ?

    Which version of the plugin is being used ?

    Open up the xstreamtv setting and change the Mac to original instead of virtual.

    xstreamtv settings.png

  • Hi Master G,

    Thanks for your prompt reply. I changed MAC as advised - no luck. How do I update my plugins ?

    Master G,

    My plug in is dream-explorer .......

    Hi Master G,

    Could you pleased advise re my last post, thanks

  • sorrymaster. I have been using oscan svn 11391 on the open imagepli 5 st7111 , but in can not be opened in asia IMG100.5 e with junk tambert and sport 24. 57,0E with ju vu . if you can help it for the configuration key , thank you

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