• OCTAGON SF928 GX CA CI+ HD.jpg

    The outstanding features of the new OCTAGON SF928 GX CA CI + HD are its dimensions.

    The device is only 22cm x 3.5cm X 14.5cm small. Thanks to this special feature, the OCTAGON SF928 GX CA CI + HD is suitable for (wall) mounting behind a TV (external infrared receiver is available) or in a different, hidden place. In addition, the device is ideal for travel or camping use.

    The small one with the great performance is functional to its big brothers in nothing, but was designed just for mobile or hidden use.

    Of course you can still place it visible. He is an eyecatcher anyway! With the Octagon SF928 GX CA CI + HD, viewers can take full advantage of the multimedial possibilities, Youtube, Web Browser (Free TV + Addon`s), Internet TV + (IPTV), Internet Radio + (Webradio) uvm. Digital television and even HDTV, whether free-to-air or encrypted,

    With the multimedia expert to record the hard drives (USB & LAN), clearly archived as well as watched time-delayed.

    Thanks to the modern Full HD tuner, an HD TV program can be viewed and at the same time a program can be recorded.

    The connection to external devices is child-friendly thanks to numerous connections, enabling the playback of MP3 files, photos, videos and much more.

    Ultra Fast Boot

    Ci+ 1.3



    Linux OS


    Simple Multistream

    Hardware BlindScan (Blindsuche)

    Powerfull Tuner with Low Symbol Rate Support

    DLNA & Netzwerk

    IP-Hybrid Solution & .m3u Support

    Air Tivi+ & Torrent Player

    3 x USB 2.0 Ports

    HD PIP (Picture in Picture)

    Smart & Handy TV controller App

    0.5Watt Standby Power Consumption