VU+ uno 4K BlackHole-3.0.4 fullbackup by @mika

  • Hello this is a fantastic backup, it’s really helping me understanding this world of enigma2 (I’m a noob), kinda like climbing the mountain from the top, but I have some questions:

    1) why Kodi doesn’t work? both video files and video streams, once “clicked”, exit kodi to the default video player that doesn’t actually do nothing, just shows black screen with a pause symbol in the upper left corner

    2) is there a way to change the four horsemen picture to something else?

    3) when you dial a channel with numbers, is it possible not to see the dialing box front and center, but in a lower left corner instead, and make the whole process quicker?

    4) I don’t have a clue to how to set up the weather forecast so on some channels when I wanna see the epg description I just see a lot of n/a N/A N/A n/a n/a floating where my local temperatures should be

    5) How do I delete the “Search porn” plugin completely? I only managed to remove the entry from Multiquickbutton