Amiko Alien 2+ tuner issue

  • Hi

    I am having an issue with my amiko alien 2+ triple tuner. The setup is as follows

    1. I am running Open ATV 6.1

    2. Tuner A is set up to Terrestrial

    3. Tuner B is set up to Astra 28.2E

    4. Tuner C is set up to Astra 28.2E

    On manual scan tuner B can find 291 channels and Tuner C can find 594 channels.

    I have switched the cables around on the LNB inputs but still get the same results so I don't think it's an LNB issue.

    Any help would be most appreciated.

  • Thanks for the reply, already tried didn't alter anything. What I did notice channels such as True Entertainment, True Crime etc were found by tuner C but not B.