OpenSPA 7.2 for Gigablue

  • OPENSPA 7.2.001

    What is new

    - New enigma2 with new menus layout, much more setting options, possibility to sort menus, etc.)

    - New Core OE-Alliance 4.1

    - Updated GStreamer to 1.13.2

    - Updated Samba to 4.4.15

    - New drivers.

    - Added support for more USB WiFi.

    - Skin MetrixJRSD (720p) by default.

    - Possibility to try number of tuners to show at infobar on customization plugins skins MetrixJR.

    - New translations to spanish and catalan. If anybody is interested in help us to translate plugins to other languages, please contact with us.

    - Spanotifications main code re-written to avoid memory problems and improve performance.

    - Added possibility to stop streams on spanotifications from Telegram.

    - Added support to stop streams from StreamingsClientsInfo screen when streamproxy is installed.

    - OpenVPN simple config (Thanks to OpenPlus Team)

    To report bugs : Bug tracker OpenSPA

    Installation Notes:

    1. Save your important data before upgrading. You will then need them to be loaded by ftp, telnet or your preferred method.

    2. Must NOT upgrade with a previous release backup.

    3. During installation wizard, look at options you are chosen. There is one option that asks for backup restore, ensures that you install clean.

    4. During the installation wizard we recommend deleting unused languages and install only the extra OpenSPA Plugins that you are going to use. We recommend doing this with receivers with 256 Mb of flash.

    5. Install by USB, not online

    User : root

    Pass : openspa


  • OPENSPA 7.2.004

    What is new

    - [Gigablue 4k] Updated drivers and support QuadPiP.

    - New support Gigablue Ultra UE 4K.

    - Updated bitrate, thanks to OpenPlus.

    - Added thumbnail style to MediaCenter.

    - Fixed bug that did not let download sbox.channelinfo in Extra Panel.

    - Fixed bootlogo download in Extra Panel.

    - Added satellites.xml from 60 ºE to 60 ºW in Extra Panel.

    - Fixed use of enigma2 channel selection even if you reboot the receiver.

    - Added EIT check in recordings for parental control

    - Fixed restart if the pin of the parental control is not put on recordings

    - Expanded the title of the epg in mhw2 to 64 characters

    - Fixed the client's Ip information when using transtreamproxy

    - Added manager of known hosts and filter notifications in the spanotifications.

    - Added pids of eit, tdt and ait to streamings using streamproxy

    - Changed default time zone in Time settings

    Operating manual for new MediaCenter style

    - Enter MediaCenter - Play videos

    - Press the Menu button and choose Thumbnail style option

    - Restart.

    - When you re-enter you will have that style.

    - To browse the covers, use right and left button to pass one by one, or button up and down to jump to next or previous page.


    - For this style to be functional, it is obviously necessary to have the covers downloaded to your hard disk, otherwise it is better to use the other two styles (classic or kodi).

    - We have pending to modify the IMDB plugin to do a recursive search of all the files in a folder.

    User : root

    Pass : openspa


  • OPENSPA 7.2.005

    What is new

    - [Gigablue] New Kernel 4.1.20 and Updated drivers (Models 4k). IMPORTANT: update only by usb (NO flashonline)
    - Added new module at Panel Extra to install and update oscam from official page.

    - Added display skins for Quad 4k.
    - Updated OpenSPA update wizard (spanewfirm).

    - Fixed spzaddiptv dependencies in ARM.

    - Fixed mark bouquets import at spzremotechannels

    - Allowed info button configuration in channel list

    - Added simple EPG and OpenSPA electronic guide to select by default at info and epg buttons in channel list.

    - Fixed errors when try to modify scheduled event with repetition from epg.

    - Added button to make opkg update in OpenSPA plugins panel.

    New skin Spa24HD available to download and install from Install openSPA plugins.





    User : root

    Pass : openspa


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