Official factory Image for Dreambox DM900 Clone SIM 2.30

  • Thnx for tips and trix.

    I have now tried both methods above. No luck so far on my DM900 Sim2.30

    I managed to get the boot screen for BA though.. Installed with command :dpkg -i /tmp/*.deb after first boot.

    It is only 1 option: >0 Flash...

    BA12.56 and rescue loader #103

    I put some images in both ba/ba an ba backup folder...but to install them in BA the box need to finish boot or is it another metod to activate these images?

    Please help.

    Rgds Ruben

  • Hello Ruben

    I did this installed tsimage 5.0 exp 2017-11-09 in flash not this TSimage_5.0-deb-dm900-20170128.tar.xz

    then replace with lib/module from SIM230_openatv-6.0-dm900-Levi45-Aydinsat-Kodi-Powervu-backup.tar.xz

    I use usb to install BA12.56 but I installed BA in img plugins In the plugins you can find barryallan

    after it add the img in ba/backup


    thanks Yoppie

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  • Succes!!!

    Thnx Yoppie.:thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

    I tried out method #3 as you described and it worked out nice at last.

    I did need to upload the lib/modules 2 times though, i checked the lib folder after 1 st. boot and strangely it was missing some folders and files

    after i uploaded them once more and rebooted for the second time everything was ok, exept for tuners was misssing in the TS flash image.

    Installed BA and my own backup image and the tuners where back.. ;-)

    I got screenshoots of most of what i did if someone are interested i will gladly post them here.


    Rgds Ruben

  • yeah upload them please im getting tuners missing on genuine images.

  • If you use BA and original image the tuners will be there i think, as i described above.

    Stay tuned for screenshots and explanation, No time until later...sorry.


  • Does someone knows how to patch an original image to work on the DM900UHD clone with that new Sim 2.30 (that is definitely not Sim2 Team product, but it's another chinese Team) ?

    Thanks !

  • yoppie Thanks for Guide

    My DM900UHD Clone is Good run By Dreamelite 6.0 (20180305)

    After Firmware Update - Use FTP Util - lib/modules/* Overwrite ..

    and Oscam/ncam Install - Config setup .

    Now 68.5E Between 166E - All PV Channel Open Great !!!

    Thanks Again .. Goodday !!


    • IMG_7373.JPG

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  • Yes 105.5 3960 H Cartoon Channel is Working Good

    Oscam 11401


    enabled = 1

    au = 1

    pmt_mode = 0

    request_mode = 1

    delayer = 60

    ecminfo_type = 4

    user = linuxsatsupport

    read_sdt = 1

    write_sdt_prov = 1

    extended_cw_api = 2

    boxtype = dreambox

    extended_cw_api =1 - Picture / audio all OK

    extended_cw_api = 2 - Picture ok/No sound

    4180 TP

    extended_cw_api = 2 with Cacheex = 1(On Oscam.server)

    All Channel is OK ..

  • I am Using oscam file from Candido

    and I am Using 2 EMU - Oscam 11401/Ncam 4.3

    oscam - extended_cw_api = 1

    Ncam - extended_cw_api = 2

    68.5E - 166E All Channel open by Oscam/Ncam Twins

    Goodday !!!

  • I am Using Dreamelite 6.0 OE2.5 Image ..

    Oscam run and stop and Ncam run and stop

    Non OE2.5 Image is More Easy to Run .

    Find to any Openatv Image User and ask to It ..

    I have No more Answer to IT

    Goodluck ..

  • I tryed merlin image and replace /lib/modules and receiver was bricked. I had debrick an I try newnigma. The same situation; but receiver not bricked, just red led flashing. From putty I bring back to life easy. I wait chinese guys to patch drivers for dm900 sim 2.30.

  • HI

    Do you have link to that image (Dreamelite 6.0 (20180305)?

    Have hard to find it