VU+ Solo4K Cable Tuner - Scanning failed

  • what version of kodi are u using at a gess ur using kodi 17.4 how did u install the a wizard if from a zip file etc in should be in the addons have a look on u tube regards

  • I think there is some issue with the wizard installation with Kodi (I mean new version). I followed the instructions and installed it. But when I click it, it keep saying "Ares repository not installed".

    Yes it is 17.4 and wizard 0.0.66

  • try iptv as well there some good iptv on the forum tip only use addons from awizard the builds are not ment for liniux boxes the builds are ment for android boxes amzon fire sticks etc stick with the addons regards ps make a back up of ur image and try the black hole image

  • Trying blackhole 3.0.4 image. Seems to be nicely stacked.

    But I do not see AutoBouquetMaker plugin installed by default. How can I scan cable in it? (no cablescan as well)

  • Ok sorted. Autobouquet maker brought back all the channels :)

    But I do not have a virgin skin for blackhole :( Looks like getting skin is a nightmare for blackhole (OpenVix scores big time there).

  • I am happy with cable and dont have plans to buy dish (though I have sky dish at home).

    I think OpenVix seems to be better image for the following reason:

    1. Its open so we can get many skins

    2. To be very honest picture quality seems to be very good in openvix!! I have lot of freezing in BH but OpenVix is clean as whistle

    3. Openvix comes with latest version of Kodi

    Having said that layout of BH is very nice.