Help needed please on mgcamd 1.38d

  • hi all, need some help/assistance

    i have technomate 3t running openatv 6.1 mgcamd 1.38d.

    i want to do a clean install so i download latest openatv 6.1 image and flash my box

    The issue i have is when i install mgcamd 1.38d i cannot get the channels to clear.

    i installed the softcam and used the newcamdlist and the mg_cfg files from my old build that i know works 100% and i cannot get the softcam to work

    i have tried using other 1.38d mgcamd files, other newcamdlist files and every time i do this the mgcamd softcam never works on a new install of openatv 6.1

    i always have to revert back to my old build and then the channels clear

    any advise


  • sorted it out now, but the reason i was flashing the openatv 6.1 image was i had no sound on sky sports main events

    national geographic HD and on the latest new build of openatv 6.1 softcam works but no hd channels work

    i just flashed the box with 6.0 and all hd clears but the two channels above have no sound on this image too

  • Hi leemcuk

    Just update ABM to the lasted one, Run ABM, choose your satellite or cable company, Then update config files, DELETE bouquets you have, Reboot your box, Run ABM Rescan Channels

    Should be good to go, Only 98% work for now

    Even though this is a fix for cable

    Make sure you have the latest OSCAM, For there is no fix for Mgcamd yet, As from this post,
    See if your supplier can change your mgcamd to Oscam for now