Signal break up issues since recent audio fix

  • Hi, has anyone noticed picture breakups since the latest audio dvb fix with latest images.

    I have a technomate tm twin 4k and i noticed the issue with open atv so i tried vix and the issue is still there with catv channels, my sister has an xsarius pure e2 box and suffers the same issue at a different location.

    Bit of a strange one but i,m not sure if my storage device i used is to blame or whether this recent fix has created another issue.

    Appreciate your thoughts guys.

    Many thanks.


    After some faffing around/updates and configuration VIX seems ok on my twin 4k techomate, so it seems my problem lies with open atv?

  • Coincidence maybe.

    I'd be looking at your power levels take in look at them in your modems webinterface, usual stuff check all the connections are tight to the splitter etc.

  • the 'fix' involving manually editing audio pids , did slow boxes down a bit, you would notice oscam taking a bit longer to clear, it only affected 4 channels for me, in Ireland, but I would imagine with the amount affected in UK it would be more noticeable. The new vix seems to have helped greatly, regarding openatv, which I don't use, I did read there were issues with a set of updates to open atv 6.1,can't say if they been addressed yet

  • Thanks for the reply,s guys, Compo yes i have a standard VM issue f type compression and cable stripping tools at my disposal, i also use rg59 cabling/current technetix splitters and all my connections are nipped up past finger tight ! I even checked for water ingress at the termination unit outside(seal already broken lol) but all fine.

    I also have a ROVER MASTER STC signal tester which i use for work that tests catv signals to a certain degree with limited spectrum analysis and all is ok on both locations i am experiencing problems in so its weird.

    I first noticed the issue at home on my tm twin 4k after i performed an online upgrade from open atv 6.0 to 6.1 so i decided to perform a fresh flash from usb WITHOUT a settings backup and the problem remained.

    Got me stumped and if memory serves VIX is based on Open PLI which was the next image i was going to look into if my box accepted it but i tried VIX latest from the main website and the box has not skipped a beat, however my sisters box(xsarius pure HD) is limited image wise so all i can use is Open atv or vix4... open atv a disaster but vix4 showed improvements but just one channel seems worst of all (Sky Sports Main Event HD)

    Not sure if there is something going on in my net id atm but hopefully it will pass.