Ncam 3.5 compiled and patched by marouan & RAED

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  • Hi friends

    Is Ncam 3.5 just working on VUplus receivers?? i have suffered to get it work on DM 525 and Zgemma H5.2Tc. I have tried several images but it can not work. I have also tried oscam 11392 that used to work but again it has failed. it can not work on MTN 57e any more....Could you share links for working Ncam 3.5 and softcam.key.....The status or live log error says key not found.......please assist...or tell me if it is not working on MTN 57e...any more I may be forcing the horse to drink water....Some backs are very good but too economical.. please share the details some of us are new to this and can only follow simple instructions, for example image, softcam.key and Ncam 3.5 or oscam links to download that are working will assist

  • can you share reader config for mgcamd and newcamd


  • From my location we don't receive 57e. My motor dish is mounted to receive the following Sats: 9e, 13e, 16e, 19.2e, 23.5e, 39e, 0.8w, 7w, 30w. I have no problems in opening channels on these Sats with Ncam 3.5. As softcam.key I always use the one by Serjoga that is updated in this Forum.

  • you can buy any gshare box and watch mtn

    now days enigma2 boxs have down