openatv 6.2 is on the way

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    We start slowly with public beta test for the new openATV 6.2 image

    first only for ARM boxes, if others come we will inform you.

    What's the new one ....

    The openATV 6.2 is based on the openATV 6.1 image,

    it's a little update for you

    But internally, almost everything has changed since almost every lib is up to date

    and almost every Python addon was brought up to date.

    Based on openembedded: roko from december 2017

    Here are just the important changes from roko

    Libc6 update from 2.2.5 -> 2.2.6

    Openssh 7.4 -> 7.6

    Busybox 1.24 -> 1.27

    Samba 4.4.16 -> 4.6.7

    Openssl 1.02k -> 1.0.2m

    Nfs Util 1.28 -> 2.1.1

    Dropbear 2016.74 -> 2017.75

    Bitbake 1.33 -> 1.37

    Gcc 6.3.0 Memleak fixe

    And keep libs up to date

    as well as Python plug-ins

    Security fixes stability updates and the amount of OE core update

    as always unmanageable, more info in openemdedded git:

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    Please login to see this link. Please login to see this link.

    Update enigma2 to version 6.2

    Logs of the changes can be found here: Please login to see this link. Please login to see this link.

    Add RTSP Satip Stream Server (Control Plugin is Coming Later)

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    SATIP addon comes from developer catalinii who has built this for us into the openATV

    Giant thanks for your great work.

    Enigma2 Optimizations of Athoik, White Rider, and many others

    my thanks for your help

    Bug fixes, and stability updates

    New boat logo, design by Swenna Deluxe

    As always in advance a warning the image is still in the BETA test

    and should only be used by experienced users who also have error messages with logs

    and like to help, you will get a current Linux system which will withstand the current threat.

    Certainly, some users only see it as new skin and a great plug-in is new

    the added value for an update and do not care much about their security of their data.

    It should not be diminished the work here is done.

    Since the openATV team not only works for itself, but we manage the open alliance git

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    And also manage for all manufacturers who have found a home at Git:

    Driver updates, Linux updates, beta testing, building new boxes, creating bugs reports

    And are in contact with almost anyone for problems quickly and easily a solution is found.

    Since we do everything here privately and the developers,

    Beta testers, moderators

    everyone wants to have a private life,

    There are currently few innovations in the E2 environment.

    That's why we're looking for you to help

    Python programming, Linux hobbyists, C ++ know

    or build new plug-ins or improve skins.

    Maybe one more dares to cooperate

    Here in the forum, the moderators and admins simply speaks to us, we look forward to seeing you.

    And remember Enigma2 lives on open source,

    the images are free,

    boycotted e2 teams who use it to make money or trample on open source

    and do not appreciate the work of the many developers.

    Greeting Captain of openATV

    Image Download: Please login to see this link.

    Info ARM images are coming over the days if there is nothing left just 1-2 days later.