VM cable help setup

  • if you dont know someone that will share there card with you you can install the free cccam plugin to clear the channels

  • It means you are not able to lock onto the frequency set for the selected area in ABM. It can be a number of reasons:

    Wire disconnected.

    Faulty connection.

    Faulty splitter

    Fault wiring

    Wrong area selected

    Signal issues

    Incorrect setup of tuner

  • It depends in what area you are in and what frequencies the xml file has listed. Pure areas only have their own channels. in Ex-CW and Telewest areas, a scan will find dead channels that do not work. So the results are mis-leading.

    You should be methodical in your approach.

    1. Have you connected the cables correctly.

    2. Do you know what system you are in? Pure NTL, ex-CW , Telewest

    3. Do you know for definite what you net Id is

    4. Have you set your tuner/s correctly. In tuner config,

    If a hybrid tuner ensure you select the correct mode. Cable or Terrestrial

    You should select UK, your cable area type, otherwise use all systems. You can leave net ID as 00000. It does not matter in the UK

    5. Most dual tuners have only one signal connection port, there is an internal splitter. You must set both tuners.


    How do you want to "scan". You can:

    A. Use AutoBouquetsMaker which will "scan" and place the channels in the correct order for you. This depends on you having done the previous steps correctly and not have any signal/cabling issues. You must select the correct Net ID in the area selection. If the first five channels in cable entertainment bouquet work, you have the correct NetID

    B. Manually scan one transponder then use AutoBouquets Cable. Unless in a pure area, you must use correct Net ID too.

    C. Perform an Enigma2 scan and manually arrange the bouquets yourself.

    For manual scan, if you have done 1-4 correct, select provider and complete scan. In an ex-cw area you should find about 600 channels although a significant portion of these are dead channels and the results vary depending on test channels.

  • Helped him using teamviewer, for free. He can donate to forum if he likes

    Issue was at point 3. Wrong NetID/area used in ABM.

    Unfortunately, OP thinks there will be more channels than there are. He is in a Pure area, so he will not get the dead channels.

  • Thanks for the help abu baniaz & johndeere88 for free for coming on teamviewer last night and helping me out. Yes I did expect more channels I thought I will get more than sky but unfortunately this is the max limit for vm ones I thought other people were receiving more than me but not. I’ll donate now to this forum. Thanks all😃